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Young Reader

Amelia Lost by Candace Fleming

“All I wished to do in the world was to be a vagabond in the air.” Amelia Earhart’s quote frames the back cover of Candace Fleming’s extraordinary biography. Reading as much as a thriller as a history book, Fleming oscillates between Earhart’s life as a girl, a woman, and a flier, with the search for her plane when it went missing in July 1937. Garnering starred reviews from Horn Magazine, Kirkus Review and School Library Journal, Amelia Lost employs riveting text, archival documents, enlightening sidebars, and wonderful maps to provide a complete portrait of Earhart. Ages 8+

Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375841989
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Schwartz & Wade - February 8th, 2011

Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun by Elizabeth Foy Larsen

It’s a rainy day in January and your children are bouncing off the walls. It is towards the end of summer and your kids are starting to lose their energy without the daily structure of school. At these moments, Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun will prove to be the perfect companion to kick start imaginative play. Unbored shows families how to build a backyard fort, create their own blog, make a secret book safe, and dozens of other activities that will entertain and enlighten the whole year through. As Mark Frauenfelder, editor in chief of Make magazine says, “Unbored is the first kids’ book to truly encourage a hands-on approach to creating a personally meaningful life.” Ages 6+
Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun Cover Image
By Joshua Glenn, Elizabeth Foy Larsen, Tony Leone (Illustrator), Mister Reusch (Illustrator), Heather Kasunick (Illustrator), Mark Frauenfelder (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781608196418
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Bloomsbury USA - October 16th, 2012

The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Mighty Miss Malone is a smart, amusing novel about a loving, bookish family’s struggle to live together when job possibilities are forcing them apart—a struggle as relevant today as it was in the 1930’s setting of Curtis’s story. Warmly memorable and completely buzz-worthy. Ostensibly for grades 5–8. And the rest of us.
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The Mighty Miss Malone Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385734912
Availability: Hard to Find - Contact Store for Availability
Published: Wendy Lamb Books - January 10th, 2012

The Golden Door by Emily Rodda

Accomplished fantasy writer Rodda once again proves her ability to build a world as expansive and intricate as our own. Rye’s brothers do not return from their quest to stop an evil wizard from sending monsters to their town to eat their people. Rye sets out to rescue them and is joined by Sonia, who turns out to be nearly as clever and resourceful as Rye. Rye’s determination shows the lengths to which we are willing to go in order to defend our families. Grades 4–6.
The Golden Door Cover Image
ISBN: 9780545429900
Availability: Backordered
Published: Scholastic Press - October 1st, 2012

Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt

Keturah is lost in the woods the day Lord Death claims her as his bride. She spins a tale and Death spares her for the night so he might hear the story’s end the next. So begins this beautifully written tale of a girl trying to find her true love—to save herself and her village. Keturah is a bright, resourceful heroine, devoted to her home and family, and this is a wonderfully sweet story.
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Keturah and Lord Death Cover Image
ISBN: 9781590789490
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Boyds Mills Press - October 1st, 2012

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal is a journal with a bite that will push your boundaries and your creative spirit each day of the year. With a new instruction on each page—from asking you to hang your journal in a public place and invite people to draw in it or to write about something boring in immense detail—Wreck this Journal is hands-on, surprising, and extraordinarily fun. With over four editions of the journal to use, your kids will never think about daily tasks in the same way. Ages 12+
Wreck This Journal (Red) Expanded Ed. Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399162725
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Penguin Books - August 7th, 2012

Treasury for All Seasons by Julie Andrews

Beloved actress Julie Andrews partnered with her daughter to create a treasure trove of poems and songs to celebrate each season and holiday of the year. Accompanied by Andrews own family memories and including poems and music from an eclectic group of contributors such as Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, and Dr. Seuss, Treasury of all Seasons is the perfect book to bring out the anticipation of each month and to help kids get in a festive spirit for holidays ahead. Andrews creates a feeling of togetherness that will make you yearn to read and sing as a family from the book’s beginning through the end. Ages 5+
Julie Andrews' Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316040518
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - October 2nd, 2012

Q & A a Day for Kids: A Three Year Journal

Each day has one question, and a place for you answer it—simple, yet so wonderful. Encourage a kid in your life to write and contemplate life with three years of prompts. Questions range from basic (“what are you wearing that’s green?”) to soul searching (“who loves you a lot?”). Fun all year long. And check out the original version for adults!

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The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

Fforde is the master of silly-yet-socially-poignant fiction. His Thursday Next books have delighted us for years--and this new young adult series does not disappoint! Whip-smart heroine Jennifer Strange must deal with ailing magicians, corporate sponsors, and tyrannical kings -- all while wading through the intricacies of finding moral balance in a media-driven world.

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The Last Dragonslayer: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 1 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780547738475
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: HMH Books for Young Readers - October 2nd, 2012

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

With a murdered royal family and a country on the brink of civil war, Connor, regent of the crown, has a treasonous plot to train one of four orphans in order to pass him off as the long-lost prince. From the start, it’s impossible not to become attached to the orphan, Sage. He is the narrator of this tale, and you never know if he is lying to us, to himself, or to everyone else in the book, but you need to find out. This book was so hard to put down that I had to keep it in my backseat so I wasn’t tempted to read it at stoplights. It will appeal to fans of Megan Whelan Turner, Suzanne Collins, and Mark Twain. Grades 5–9.
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The False Prince (The Ascendance Series, Book 1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780545284134
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scholastic Press - April 1st, 2012


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