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KatsronautKat first came to Bookshop Santa Cruz by winning the short story contest in 2008. She convinced the management to give her a job, and went on to become an event host, the used book manager and an avid connoisseur of fiction. In her other life, she is often found enjoying tacos. She now works for the Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks managing their ParkStores.

El cementerio de los cuentos sin contar por Julia Alvarez

Una autora regresa a su tierra natal y crea un cementerio de las novelas que nunca terminó, pero sus historias tienen su propia vida y continúan hablando desde el suelo hacia los cantos de los pájaros y del aire. Una mujer es contratada como la criada de este santuario y permanece sentada por horas escuchando las narrativas que rechazan ser calladas. El cementerio de los cuentos sin contar es una encantadora novela con el sentimiento de un cuento de fantasmas y una gran selección para leer durante sus próximas vacaciones. —Kat

The Cemetery of Untold Stories: A Novel  
An enchanting, gripping novel with the feel of a good ghost story, and an excellent choice for your next vacation read.

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Cemetery of Untold Stories \ El cementerio de los cuentos sin contar (Sp. ed.) By Julia Alvarez, Mercedes Guhl Corpas (Translated by) Cover Image
By Julia Alvarez, Mercedes Guhl Corpas (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780063316645
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: HarperCollins Espanol - April 2nd, 2024

The Backyard Bird Chronicles by Amy Tan

Some books are meant to be read more than once, and I know I’ll return to The Backyard Bird Chronicles many times. This gem is a chronicle of Amy Tan’s ever-deepening relationship with birds, in daily observations, brilliant sketches, questions and answers, and moments of genuine, powerful connection. Whether you already love birds or you’re looking for a way to slow down and appreciate the world around you, I can’t recommend this book enough.  —Kat

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The Backyard Bird Chronicles By Amy Tan, David Allen Sibley (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Amy Tan, David Allen Sibley (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780593536131
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Knopf - April 23rd, 2024

What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds by Jennifer Ackerman

There’s nothing quite like spotting an owl in the wild or listening to owl duets ring through a dark forest. As someone who spends perhaps too much time looking for owls, I thought I knew a lot about their incredible skills at camouflage, hunting, and navigating the night. But Jennifer Ackerman’s What an Owl Knows blew the world of owls wide open for me, with moments of revelation and wonder on every page.  —Kat

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What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World's Most Enigmatic Birds By Jennifer Ackerman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593298909
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Penguin Books - June 4th, 2024

The Weeds by Katy Simpson Smith

Two women, separated by more than a century, crawl through the ruins of the Roman Colosseum, seeking out and cataloging the plants growing through the cracks. They are both in exile from the lives they’ve known, and what they seek among the leaves provides the propulsion for this strange, kaleidoscopic novel. —Kat

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The Weeds: A Novel By Katy Simpson Smith Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250321770
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
(Please note: This book cannot be returned.)
Published: Picador - April 16th, 2024

The Morningside by Téa Obreht

This captivating fable tells the story of Silvia, a climate refugee in a dilapidated apartment building who can’t remember her homeland or why she and her mother had to leave. All she has are her aunt’s stories about the old world, and a growing obsession with an enigmatic neighbor with three very large dogs. The Morningside had me riveted the entire way through, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for lush literary fiction with an unexpected twist or two.


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The Morningside: A Novel By Téa Obreht  Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984855503
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Random House - March 19th, 2024

Conversations with Birds by Priyanka Kumar

Come for the lush, thoughtful essays about the joys of birding; stay for the glimpses of our own hometown. Priyanka Kumar writes beautifully about her first encounter with a long-billed curlew at Elkhorn Slough, and how falling in love with birds made her feel at home on the trails of Nisene Marks and Wilder Ranch. As someone who also fell in love with birdlife in Santa Cruz, I couldn’t get enough of Conversations with Birds.  


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Conversations with Birds By Priyanka Kumar Cover Image
ISBN: 9781571313997
Availability: Not On Our Shelves, But Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Milkweed Editions - November 8th, 2022

Learned by Heart by Emma Donoghue

Learned By Heart is the story of Anne Lister and Eliza Raine, two young women paired up in a British boarding school in 1805 who slowly, then very quickly, fall madly in love. Rarefied, intimate, and Dickensian in all the best ways, with characters who walk into your mind and make a home, Learned By Heart is the perfect novel to settle into fall with.


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Learned by Heart By Emma Donoghue Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316564434
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Little, Brown and Company - August 29th, 2023

Big Sky by Kate Atkinson

Picking up a novel by Kate Atkinson always feels like running into a long-lost best friend. My brain just clicks with hers, and soon I’m 100 pages in and marveling at her ability to twist between absurd humor and piercing empathy in mere sentences. PI Jackson Brodie is my favorite of her characters, and I couldn’t be happier to see Atkinson return to his world, and to see if just this once he might catch a break (I doubt it).

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Big Sky (Jackson Brodie #5) By Kate Atkinson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316523097
Availability: This item is likely out of print! We may be able to order it from the publisher. If it's unavailable, we will refund you ASAP.
Published: Little, Brown and Company - June 25th, 2019

SUN MOON EARTH by Tyler Nordgren

Mark your calendars: On August 21st, 2017, a total eclipse of the sun will be visible in America for the first time in 40 years. Over time, eclipses have been interpreted in dramatically different ways across the globe, and this book serves as a tour of that fascinating history. What better way to wait out the year?                                                    —Kat

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Sun Moon Earth: The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets By Tyler Nordgren Cover Image
ISBN: 9780465060924
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Basic Books - September 13th, 2016

THE MOTH SNOWSTORM by Michael McCarthy

If there was ever a book to sum up this strange moment we’re in—longing for the natural world as we witness its destruction—this is it. The Moth Snowstorm veers between the rhapsodic and the elegiac, then ties the two together and calls it love. I’ve never read a book like this before, and I can’t stop thinking about it now. —Kat

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The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy By Michael McCarthy Cover Image
ISBN: 9781681370408
Availability: This item is likely out of print! We may be able to order it from the publisher. If it's unavailable, we will refund you ASAP.
Published: New York Review Books - October 4th, 2016


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