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Ivy's Reviews

Ivy grew up very close to Santa Cruz and is a UC Santa Cruz graduate. She is the head of the Hardback section, History, and helps with Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Her voracious reading appetite can include anything from history, fiction, graphic novels, and anything in between.



Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks by Jason Reynolds

In 10 blocks, very different kids find themselves connected in strange and interesting ways. Dogs are avoided, comedy is tested, lists are made, and new love blossoms. Jason Reynolds’s way with words is enviable. Each kid is real and raw, dealing with issues most adults assume children can’t possibly have a grasp of. I took my time and savored every moment with this slim novel. Trust me, you will, too. - Ivy

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Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks Cover Image
By Jason Reynolds, Alexander Nabaum (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781481438285
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books - October 8th, 2019

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys

As a teenager, historical fiction got me through some rough times. The Fountains of Silence would have been a panacea to my soul. Ana and Daniel come from very different worlds and Daniel’s lack of cultural understanding puts them both at risk. This story is lush and beautiful but exposes the sharp edges of a part of history. By shedding light on the history of fascism in Spain, Sepetys offers a harsh warning to modern readers. - Ivy

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The Fountains of Silence Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399160318
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Philomel Books - October 1st, 2019

The House at the End of the Road by Kari Rust

There’s nothing quite like summer and the unexpected gifts exploration brings. When three cousins approach a dilapidated house, a face appears at the window and they run from the “ghost”. After spilling the beans to their grandmother, she makes them apologize to the kind old man living there and thus begins a beautiful intergenerational friendship. This excellent story uses the comic book form to draw you in. I won’t soon forget that kindness and friendship can be found in surprising places. - Ivy

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The House at the End of the Road Cover Image
ISBN: 9781771473354
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Owlkids - September 17th, 2019

Child of the Dream (A Memoir of 1963) by Sharon Robinson

In 1963, the Children’s March brought urgency to the Civil Rights Movement and the March on Washington planted Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream in the world’s heads and hearts. Thirteen-year old Sharon, daughter of baseball legend and activist Jackie Robinson, yearned to do her part, but felt small in a large movement. Robinson offers an amazing front row seat to some of the greatest moments in history. Her memoir is an excellent and necessary reminder for this uncertain age. - Ivy

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Child of the Dream (A Memoir of 1963) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781338282801
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scholastic Press - September 3rd, 2019

The (Other) F Word by Angie Manfredi

We have to talk about the F word. No, not that one: “fat”. Media and even our beloved books send a clear message: fat people are not welcome. Their lack of representation in the aforementioned mediums is hurtful and causes many people to doubt their own worth. This lovely collection of essays by some of the most celebrated YA authors wants to remind you this invisibility is bullsh*t. The road to self love is long, but this book helps immensely. - Ivy

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Other F Word: A Celebration of the Fat & Fierce Cover Image
By Angie Manfredi (Editor)
ISBN: 9781419737503
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Harry N. Abrams - September 24th, 2019

Me, Myself, They by Joshua M. Ferguson

The world is not black and white, so why do we approach gender as a binary? In Me, Myself, They, Joshua Ferguson breaks down on historical, scientific, and societal bases why a two-gender outlook ignores reality. The world is filled with so many colors and the idea that we all fit into one of two boxes is preposterous. This unflinchingly honest memoir made me rethink everything I know about gender and I can’t wait to give it to everyone I know. - Ivy

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Me, Myself, They: Life Beyond the Binary Cover Image
ISBN: 9781487004774
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: House of Anansi Press - May 7th, 2019

Notes to Self: Essays by Emilie Pine

This beautiful collection of essays covers a wide array of topics, from feminism to infertility to aging parents. Pine writes in a way that resonates in your soul and is completely devoid of bullshit. I was honored by her honesty and found her words a salve on my soul for all the nonsense I’ve gone through the last couple years. - Ivy

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Notes to Self: Essays Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984855459
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Dial Press Trade Paperback - June 11th, 2019

The Gameshouse by Claire North

Claire North is as fascinating a subject as her novels. She has three different noms de plume. All of her novels are strange and wonderful, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. High-stakes games where the consequences are real? Heck yes! This was originally published as three novellas and it’ll be exciting to see it in its final form. - Ivy

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The Gameshouse Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316491563
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Orbit - May 28th, 2019

The Five The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold

Everyone knows the gruesome legacy of Jack the Ripper. We know five women were murdered, some even know their names, but few know anything about them beyond their end. Rubenhold shows us their beginnings with compassion, putting human faces on inhuman crimes. It was a perfect read for my macabre sensibilities and taught me lots of new information about these ugly crimes. - Ivy

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The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper Cover Image
Email or call for price
ISBN: 9781328663818
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - April 9th, 2019

Like Vanessa written by Tami Charles illus. by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

When Vanessa Williams won Miss America, it opened a door in protagonist Vanessa Martin’s heart. Until then, she didn’t believe a girl like her—a dark-skinned girl—could win a beauty contest. Suddenly, Vanessa is competing in a school pageant and her Miss America dreams feel that much closer. Raw and full of heart, this book will have you rooting for Vanessa to go all the way to the crown. - Ivy

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Like Vanessa Cover Image
ISBN: 9781580898997
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Charlesbridge - March 5th, 2019


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