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A woman sits on a flying broomstick in a Quidditch arena, holding a Quaffle.Casey is the second-generation owner of Bookshop Santa Cruz. Her earliest memory is riding the rocking horse in the kids section when the store was located across the street. When not reading Harry Potter with her two kids, she is an avid reader of new works of fiction, history and politics and loves to read with her book group.

Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka

When teenager Lucinda Hayes is found murdered in her suburban town, all eyes shift to her quiet and decidedly different neighbor, Cameron Whitley. But in this perfectly-paced, suspenseful novel, the reader is kept guessing of the true nature of their connection and helps us realize that what we see on the surface might not always be the truth.  Danya Kukafka’s breakout debut will grab you early on and propel you to the finish where you just want to re-read it all over again. - Casey

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Girl in Snow: A Novel By Danya Kukafka Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501144370
Availability: Hard to Find - Believed to be Out of Stock Indefinitely
Published: Simon & Schuster - August 1st, 2017

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward

In a small town along the Mississippi coast, one American family struggles with the ebbs and flows of a roller-coaster life grappling with addiction, connection, imprisonment, belonging and multi-generational strife. Jesmyn Ward, author of National Book Award winner Salvage the Bones, writes with gloriously, lyrical prose – a true mix of magical realism and honest observation of human nature which fully demonstrates that she is one of the greatest American authors writing today. - Casey

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Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel By Jesmyn Ward Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501126062
Availability: Not On Our Shelves, But Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scribner - September 5th, 2017

Evicted by Matthew Desmond

It came as no surprise that Evicted was this year’s recipient for the Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction. The power of its storytelling—following landlords and their tenants who are embroiled in a pattern of eviction and subsequent poverty in Milwaukee—is about as flawless as can be and immediately pulls the reader into the many challenges facing low-income communities across America. Is the struggle in our communities due to a failure of personal responsibility or to the systematic racial and economic injustices that place the tenants at the mercy of our policies? Getting a small glimpse in how this plays out in the lives of real people facing these issues is breathtaking. It is truly one of the best books I’ve read in the last decade. - Casey

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Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City By Matthew Desmond Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553447453
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Crown - February 28th, 2017

Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

“The four of us together weren’t something they understood. They understood girls alone, folding their arms across their breasts, praying for invisibility,” says Jacqueline Woodson’s character, August, as she embarks upon her transformation from girlhood to womanhood with a cohort of friends in 1970’s Brooklyn. It is the poetic voice of these girls, bound and yet alone, that grounds the reader in the neighborhood, and in the class, race, and religious dynamics of that time and place but that ultimately speaks to all women whose memory of their youth continuously folds and unfolds into their identity. A powerful, beautiful novel. - Casey

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Another Brooklyn: A Novel By Jacqueline Woodson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062359995
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Amistad - May 30th, 2017

QB: My Life Behind the Spiral by Steve Young

Steve Young, the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the 1990s, transports us to many seminal moments in his riveting memoir. By writing about his life, from his father’s influence on his work ethic (his father was aptly nicknamed “Grit”) to the anxieties that plagued Steve’s time on the field, to his pursuit of a law degree to quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Young brings us closer to understanding what drove him to the pinnacle of athletic success and into the hearts of the 49er Faithful everywhere (including mine). —Casey


Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

The same qualities that make me daydream about becoming best friends with Ann Patchett are found on the pages of her new novel Commonwealth, where she conveys the deep ties and challenges within a family with her trademark honesty, humor, and emotional resonance. Commonwealth is the story of two families, broken apart and pieced back together through marriage and remarriage, and the unexpected relationships that tie siblings and half-siblings together in their new reality. This is the novel of the fall that you will want to talk about over and over again with your best friends just so that you can keep the characters in your heart for a little bit longer. Ann Patchett does it again.  —Casey

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Commonwealth By Ann Patchett Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062491794
Availability: Backordered
Published: Harper - September 13th, 2016

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

Brit Bennett’s The Mothers is a remarkable debut, a novel whose characters are so well developed that you will find yourself happily along for the ride in the emotional roller coaster of their lives. The book follows the path of three African American teenagers—Nadia, Luke, and Aubrey—growing up in Southern California, each of whom faces a disappointment or tragedy that propels them into their current situation. They make decisions that not only affect their teenage years but their relationships and outlook over decades, and Bennett exquisitely layers the emotions found deep within their friendships, their community, and their families.  —Casey

The Girls by Emma Cline

Poignant, intense, and immersive, Emma Cline’s The Girls is a debut novel that makes such a strong mark on its readers that you begin to understand that you’re watching a star in the next generation of writers begin to soar. Evie, a self-conscious and largely invisible girl living in the Bay Area in the 1970s, happens upon a cult whose free spirit masks a much darker reality of what it means to belong. The Girls speaks to us about the plight of girls to be seen and heard in a world that largely leaves them angry and invisible. Extraordinary.  —Casey

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The Girls: A Novel By Emma Cline Cover Image
ISBN: 9780812998603
Availability: Hard to Find - Believed to be Out of Stock Indefinitely
Published: Random House - June 14th, 2016

Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss

In early 1980 in New York City, the utterly unique and unabashedly complicated worlds of an artist, an art critic, and a muse collide to both breathe in and survive the urban landscape that sits before them. Debut author and Santa Cruz native Molly Prentiss weaves together their stories in such a complete and intoxicating way that you will be stunned to learn that it is her first novel. Do yourself a favor—lose yourself in the contemplation of beauty, creativity, transformation, and regret that are at the heart of this book. You’ll be so happy you did.  —Casey

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Tuesday Nights in 1980 By Molly Prentiss Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501121043
Availability: Hard to Find - Contact Store for Availability
Published: Gallery/Scout Press - April 5th, 2016

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven, from the best-selling author of Little Bee, is storytelling at its finest. Ranging from the decimated streets of London after the Nazi Blitz to the island of Malta under siege, it introduces us to characters who bring humanity to the chaotic landscape of war. A book that will make you laugh as much as cry, Everyone Brave Is Forgiven illuminates the fascinating stories of everyday people living in extraordinary times.  —Casey

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Everyone Brave is Forgiven By Chris Cleave Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501124372
Availability: Hard to Find - Believed to be Out of Stock Indefinitely
Published: Simon & Schuster - May 3rd, 2016


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