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Little Bee by Chris Cleve

I leapt into this book not knowing anything about it, and I was so surprised and fulfilled by the remarkable story. It was darker than I expected, but Cleave has a way of getting into each character's head that stayed with me for a long time after I was done reading. It's an insightful look into the terrifying situation of illegal refugees in the UK, told through Little Bee's unwaveringly hopeful eyes.
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Little Bee: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781416589648
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Published: Simon & Schuster - February 16th, 2010

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty

Lonesome Dove is one of those quintessentially sweeping epics that stands as a shining star of the historical fiction genre.. Reading McMurty’s beautiful prose fills me with such an overwhelming desire to travel the country, sleeping under the stars, that I want to pack a tent tonight and take off.
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Lonesome Dove Cover Image
ISBN: 9780671683900
Availability: Hard to Find - Contact Store for Availability
Published: Pocket Books - December 15th, 1988

The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway's last and supposedly unfinished work is often overlooked, but I was mesmerized and haunted by this unique and sparsely beautiful tale of a relationship rapidly disintegrating for bizarre and mysterious reasons. Easily read in one sitting, and well worth every moment.
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The Garden of Eden Cover Image
ISBN: 9780684804521
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scribner - September 6th, 1995

The Lady Matador's Hotel by Cristina Garcia

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It never drags, and its pages are populated by endlessly engaging characters, both villainous and sympathetic. From despots to parrots that spout leftist poetry the Hotel Matador is a melting pot of intrigues and assignations, ambitions, revenge, and heartbreak. The only thing certain about this story's ending is that you will not want it to happen.
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The Lady Matador's Hotel: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439181751
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scribner - January 3rd, 2012

Oink! My Life With Mini Pigs by Tim Whyman

Tim Whyman’s house was full of life: children, cats, chickens and a dog. Then
came the mini-pigs, adorable and tiny. Hilarious adventures unfold as Tim
struggles to balance work from home with a growing brood. I laughed out loud at
the pigs’ antics and the author’s solutions and couldn’t wait to turn the page.

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Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451618297
Availability: Hard to Find - Contact Store for Availability
Published: Simon & Schuster - September 18th, 2012

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

This is the book that taught me to love history, in all its fascinating study. We grow up, learning stories that don’t seem to have anything to do with us. But the history we learn is just that: stories. The “facts” are twisted, rewritten, or simply left out to create a narrative that has everything to do with how we perceive our world and ourselves. Eye-opening.

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Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780743296281
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Atria Books - October 16th, 2007

Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley

I know that book groups might be hesitant to read a book that falls into the Young Adult genre, but truly I think any story that can depict childhood and coming of age in a way that can immerse both young and adult readers, is a story that is well worth discussion. In When Things Come Back 17 year-old Cullen narrates what happens when his small town suddenly becomes a hotspot after what was thought to be extinct woodpecker is spotted. Cullen is both impressed and mortified by his town's transformation—suddenly his peers are sporting woodpecker inspired haircuts and bird-watching becomes an ideal date. But then when his 15-year-old brother goes missing amidst the chaos, Cullen’s surprise turns to something more vigilant and shadowed. The gift of this YA novel (which was the winner of the coveted Michael Printz award) is the way that regret, surprise, and humor are all interweaved. Layered and remarkably unique, this novel calls to mind how ordinary and extraordinary are only a coin’s throw apart.

Where Things Come Back Cover Image
ISBN: 9781442413337
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Atheneum Books for Young Readers - May 3rd, 2011

The Light Between Oceans

It is 1918, and having survived the horrors of the First World War, Tom Sherbourne enlists as a lighthouse keeper on remote Janus Rock, the last point of land where two oceans diverge. Thawed by the seclusion and ritual of this life, Tom meets and falls in love with his wife Isabel on a trip to the mainland. The two return to the lighthouse and begin an intimate and almost sacred homemaking. But when Isabel suffers multiple miscarriages, the island’s seclusion starts to feel precarious and haunted. Until a day comes when a boat carrying a dead man and a screaming baby washes up on the shore. Isabel and Tom make a decision that enters them into that gray area when there is no clear right or wrong. The ripple effect of this decision becomes a pulsing force, and ultimately the novel questions life, the beauty and ugliness of it, the light and dark of it, and the shades in between.
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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451681734
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Scribner - July 31st, 2012

The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer

Where are you going to take your vacation this year? Disneyland’s too crowded, and Paris is overdone. Wait-how about a when, instead of a where? Oh, well, I guess a where and a when. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got the perfect guide too. Local customs, idioms, the best food, where to stay–read this and it’s like you’d actually lived there. Where do you want to go this summer?
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The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439112908
Availability: Available from Warehouse - Usually Delivers in 3-14 Days
Published: Touchstone - October 25th, 2011

Blueprints for Building Better Girls by Elissa Schappell

This interlocking collection of short stories swept me up and firmly invaded my heart. Each story features women attempting to deal with serious experiences, and sheds light on the inner struggles that we don't always share and sometimes won't even admit to. There's humor here, lurking in the shadows of their hearts. Schappell moves you through their lives with ease, beauty and honesty.
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Blueprints for Building Better Girls: Fiction Cover Image
ISBN: 9780743276719
Availability: Hard to Find - Contact Store for Availability
Published: Simon & Schuster - July 10th, 2012


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