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Bookshop's 2020 Vision Campaign

Bookshop Shop's 2020 Vision Campaign: Hindsight, Clarity, Vision

This article appeared in our 2019 Summer Newsletter, Readers.

Bookshop Santa Cruz has launched a year-long programming effort called 2020 Vision. Our focus is to look back at where we have been (as a country), shine a light on our current state of affairs, and look ahead to where we want to go in 2020 and beyond. We hope you will join us in this campaign of reading recommendations, author events, and community partnerships, as we look at the world with hindsight, clarity and vision.


As part of our 2020 Vision efforts, Bookshop is teaming up with Santa Cruz Indivisible to support their year-long Citizenship 2.0 program. Over the course of 2019, they will be using books to explore various topics related to citizenship.


Bookshop Santa Cruz has curated reading recommendations throughout our store—suggesting three great books in each section that address hindsight, clarity, and vision within that subject or genre. Look for them all year long as we explore where we have been, where we are now, and where we might go in the future, through the lens of history, science, politics, food writing, fiction, and much more. A few examples are below. See our complete recommended reading lists.

FICTION: Immigration


Cover of HomegoingHINDSIGHT: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

A story about the descendants of a family torn from their home during the African slave trade, and the trauma they endure because of it. The forcible immigration of thousands of people shaped our nation, and Homegoing shines a light on the legacy of oppression our country was founded on.

The cover of the book NW by Zadie SmithCLARITY: NW by Zadie Smith

Set in a corner of London thriving with immigrants from all over the globe, NW shows us the breadth of human experience. Lives intersect, home values shift, and the city becomes nearly unrecognizable as it is quickly gentrified. NW’s vibrant community is rich, urban, and truly a melting pot of humankind.

The cover of The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto UrreaVISION: The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea

An honest and beautiful account of a family living on both sides of the Mexican-American border, The House of Broken Angels is a blueprint for how to move forward with hope in uncertain times.


SCIENCE: Climate Change


The cover of The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth KolbertHINDSIGHT: The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

A perennial staff favorite for a reason, Kolbert’s multi-discipline approach and dark humor makes this the most compulsively readable book about mass extinction ever written. There have been five mass extinctions where life on earth has been suddenly and dramatically altered; now human activity is hurtling us into a sixth. What that means and what it looks like becomes electrifyingly clear in this journey through the past.

The cover of The Climate ReportCLARITY: The Climate Report by U.S. Global Change Research Program

Every four years the U.S. Global Change Research Program releases a report on the global climate and the implications for society. The 2018 report paints a sobering portrait of a nation facing extreme weather events, rising sea levels, acidifying oceans, declining water quality, species extinctions, dangerous air pollution, and reduced agricultural productivity. Get yourself up-to-date on the measurable data and trends that make up the current crisis.

The cover of Drawdown by Paul HawkenVISION: Drawdown by Paul Hawken

Hawken brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, science writers and more to compile “the 100 most substantial solutions to reverse global warming.” These ideas represent a compelling and plausible path towards “drawdown,” the point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peak and begin to decline.

HISTORY: Labor Movements


The cover of Triangle by David Von DrehleHINDSIGHT: Triangle: The Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, and the dearly bought gains for worker safety that it brought about, was a formative moment in the labor movement. Von Drehle’s deeply researched story of the dangerous conditions, corruption, corner-cutting, inequality, ethnic tensions, human tragedy, and warring politics is a fascinating and informative read.

The cover of There is Power in a Union by Philip DrayCLARITY: There Is Power in a Union by Philip Dray

This reads like a storytelling anthology, each drama contributing something to our understanding of labor organizing and the centrality of labor to American history—from the Industrial Revolution to globalization and the gig economy. Dray uncovers smaller stories and information that even the most well-read labor scholar will welcome.

The cover for Beyond the Fields by Randy ShawVISION: Beyond the Fields by Randy Shaw

The UFW established a foundational model for modern-day activism with its ideas, tactics, base, and messaging. Shaw’s study of Chavez and the United Farm Workers is a manual for modern-day activists that unpacks the activist playbook and creates a vision for a labor movement that serves the times.