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Bookshop Santa Cruz

Bookshop Santa Cruz is a large independent bookstore nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, California since 1966. For over half a century, it has remained under the stewardship of the Coonerty family, a bastion of literary tradition and familial dedication since 1973. Spanning an impressive expanse of over 20,000 square feet, the bookstore beckons to denizens and wanderers alike, offering a cornucopia of literary treasures—new releases, beloved classics, and well-loved tomes—all housed amidst shelves brimming with stories waiting to be discovered.

In the scenic backdrop of Santa Cruz, where mountains meet the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the pulse of Silicon Valley reverberates, a vibrant community of intellect and imagination thrives. Bookshop Santa Cruz, with its rich tapestry of author events, serves as the nexus of this cultural tapestry. Within its hallowed halls and the ethereal expanse of the skylight room, both local luminaries and national voices converge, enriching the literary landscape with discussions, readings, and insights that transcend boundaries. Whether within its walls or at venues scattered across the city, Bookshop Santa Cruz remains a cherished haven for bibliophiles and seekers of knowledge, perpetuating the timeless allure of the written word.