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Janis and the Reaper (Hardcover)

Janis and the Reaper By Nikki M. Griggs Cover Image
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After a short, strange life, Janis Lyn Pereda wakes up dead the day before her sixteenth birthday. To her dismay, and not missing the irony, this is the first time in her existence that she's ever felt alive.

After spending almost 70 years trapped in various human bodies, Jayan Mati is bored of his exile from the respected ranks of reapers. He fills his days as aforensic pathologist in a body that is slowly turning against him.

When the two collide outside a Richmond, Virginia morgue, they uncover a sinister secret: someone is killing off reapers to cover up an illegal faerie deal gone astray.

Unfolding across a magical tapestry of the U.S. and beyond, Jay and Janis find themselves unraveling the corruption at the heart of the faerie courts with the help of a demigod of death, a forgetful psychic and an (occasionally) friendly demon. Janis and Jay set out to expose the fae and get justice for those affected by the corruption while coming to understand the true nature of their own identities and just how deep the love of found family can run.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798891230064
Publisher: Spellbound Publishing House, LLC
Publication Date: October 13th, 2023
Pages: 452
Language: English
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