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Wellness Warrior Masterclass Secrets: 9 Natural Cures & Holistic Healing Secrets No One Ever Told You (Paperback)

Wellness Warrior Masterclass Secrets: 9 Natural Cures & Holistic Healing Secrets No One Ever Told You By Noelle Powers Cover Image
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Let Wellness Warrior take you down the Golden Path of Holistic Healing & Renewed Vitality.

DISCOVER the TREASURE of Exceptional Health through Uncommon Knowledge.

The Wellness Warrior's Journey easily guides you on exactly how to use each of the 9 most potent Natural Healing Practices on the planet. Long History and a massive amount of Scientific proof confirm that the successful results of these Healing Methods are unparalleled. Revealed will be Alternative Medicine and Natural Cures that have been successfully used for 3,000 years. You will also enjoy a multitude of stunning Testimonials that will give current concrete credibility to them all. Each Power Practice you learn becomes a Golden Brick of Wellness in your hand. Use one, or use all, to build a bridge to Lifelong Exceptional Health.

Discover what Holistic Healing Method was used to:

  • Reverse Mother's Alzheimer's
  • Reverse Father's Diabetes
  • Remove Friend from heart transplant list
  • Balance ADHD brain waves in 20 seconds
  • Heal John's incurable disease & get him out of his wheelchair
  • Heal gums & save teeth
  • Increases Brain Circulation by 39%

You will be shocked to learn for the first time:

  • What is the ONE thing you eat every day that makes you fatter and sicker...
  • How your teeth are killing you.
  • How you're starving your brain cells...right now.
  • What Monsters live in your mouth.
  • Why Fat is your Best Friend.
  • What is the Keto you don't know.
  • What you are eating that's clotting your blood
  • Which Fat triggers weight loss
  • Meet Nature's Most Powerful Anti-Viral

Learning startling answers to these questions will reinstate you as the Master of your Health.

Each Chapter reveals an Uncommon Natural Treatment for Disease Reversal and Prevention.

Each Chapter walks you through"3 simple steps" for each Potent Practice. This ensures you can quickly Master the Missing Tools critical to building your Personal Fortress of Health.

Wellness Warrior is your personal Master Class and Ultimate Guide to 10 unique Healing and Prevention methods that are stunningly Potent yet incredibly simple. It has forged for you an exciting path that is both motivational and transformational. Choosing this Path ensures that you are exponentially more likely to ESCAPE THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG LOOP & be celebrating a positive, if not radical change in your Health and in your Life...

Choose now to Master these rarely known Healing Secrets that are as simple as they are Extraordinary. Conquer sickness and achieve an enriched life of more Vibrant Health and just a matter of weeks.

Your Wellness Warrior Journey begins here...

...Are you in...

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ISBN: 9798888952139
Publisher: Wellness Warrior
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2023
Pages: 378
Language: English
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