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Effect of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and problem-solving ability on the psychological well-being of adolescents (Paperback)

Effect of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and problem-solving ability on the psychological well-being of adolescents By Bhilota Jyotsanaben Cover Image
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Introduction: The word 'adolescence - comes from the Latin word - adolescere' which means 'to grow'. Adolescence spans the second decade of life, a phase described as beginning in biology and ending in society (Peterson et al., 1988). This phase of life is characterized by deep anxieties, conflicts, protests, descriptions, upheavals, cognitive restructuring, emotional outbursts and physical changes. Adolescence is indeed a period of heralding changes as well as consolidation of psycho-physiological and social behavior patterns (Mohan, 2006). Adolescence is a period of life in which the biological and psychosocial transition from childhood to adulthood occurs (Encyclopedia of Children's Health, 2010). Adolescence is generally considered to be a time of transition from childhood to adulthood that involves significant changes in social and emotional development, behavior and cognitions. Yet adolescence is also a period of great joy, excitement and optimism during which the delights of autonomy, intimacy and the future are fresh and possibilities are created for happiness, success and psychological growth, throughout the remainder of life. Within their creativity, energy and enthusiasm young people can change the world in astonishing ways making it a better place not only for themselves but for everyone (Goodburn and Ross, 1995). As interpersonal relationships influence an individual's well being, stable and secure relationships with family and peers can assist adolescents in making a smooth transition (Cornwell, 2003). A key task of adolescents is preparation for adulthood. Indeed, the future of any country hinges on how effective this preparation is (Larson et al., 2002). Adolescents have a special place in any society, for they are the future of society. Adolescence is a time when young people take on new responsibilities and experiment with independence. They search for identity, learn to apply values acquired in early childhood and develop skills that will help them become caring and responsible adults. When adolescents are supported and encouraged by caring adults, they thrive in unimaginable ways, becoming resourceful and contributing members of families and communities. Adolescence requires adjustments to changes in itself, family, and peer group, and often to institutional changes as well. Not all young people undergo these transitions in the,

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ISBN: 9784093891738
ISBN-10: 4093891737
Publisher: Prakharpravachanyt
Publication Date: September 5th, 2022
Pages: 170
Language: English