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Socio-genetic needs, self-confidence as predictors of risk-taking behavior among adolescents (Paperback)

Socio-genetic needs, self-confidence as predictors of risk-taking behavior among adolescents By Simpson Kanchan Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION The thesis undertaken is entitled as "Socio-Genic Needs, Level of Aspiration and Self - Confidence as predictors of Risk - taking Behaviour among Adolescents". This thesis consists of seven chapters. The first chapter of the thesis outlines need and significance of the present study, statement of the problem, delineation and description of the terms used in the present study, objectives, research hypotheses, delimitation and plan of the thesis. 1.1 NEED AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Ever since his existence man had to face dangers and threats associated with his daily life in order to survive. Everyday they had to come across many threats and dangers but still they take risk to come out of this. For example man had to face dangers and struggle to satisfy his basic needs like food, water, shelter, etc. whatever dangers and threats may come but still individual tries his best and take risk to attain those things which satisfy his basic needs or requirements. In the same way there are physical dangers also like dreadful and incurable diseases causing death. But now technological society has altered man's life style considerably so that the physical diseases associated with survival are greatly reduced. The people who take risk to face and control these social and physical dangers and those who took the challenges only survived. In this manner man has been playing his role according to Darwin's theory of the survival of fittest. Yet risk continues to play a role in every one's life, but the manner in which people cope with risk varies according to each one's approach to life. The 21st Century is the age of science and technology in which modern social activities are aimed at materialistic achievements in other words this is the age of anxiety and competition. In the modern materialistic world, everyone is indulged in the races of making money, gaining popularity, prestige power and prominent places in the society and obtain his objectives by hook and crook. This era is full of desires,

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ISBN: 9783405115845
ISBN-10: 3405115841
Publisher: Ahmed
Publication Date: June 24th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English