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Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation: 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists, Ekaterinburg, Russia, February 5-8, 2018 (Hardcover)

Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation: 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists, Ekaterinburg, Russia, February 5-8, 2018 By Sergei Votyakov (Editor), Daria Kiseleva (Editor), Viktor Grokhovsky (Editor) Cover Image
By Sergei Votyakov (Editor), Daria Kiseleva (Editor), Viktor Grokhovsky (Editor)
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Akramov D.F., Baburina I.D., Selezneva N.V., Baranov N.V.

The effect of anion substitution on the structure, phase transformations and properties of Co7X8 type compounds

Aksenov S.M., Chukanov N.V., G ttlikher J., Rusakov V.S., Rascvetaeva R.K.

The features of chemical composition and cation ordering in ferricoronadite Pb Mn4 ]6 (Fe3+, Mn3+)2]O16 according to X-ray, XANES and M ssbauer spectroscopy data

Ankushev M.N., Artemiev D.A., Blinov I.A.

Zonal olivines of the Early Bronze Age metallurgical slags in the Southern Urals according to LA-ICP-MS mapping data

Baglaeva Yu.A., Selezneva N.V., Sherokalova E.M., Volegov A.S., Shishkin D.A., Baranov N.V.

Highly-coercive state in iron-containing (Fe, M)1-zX chalcogenides with NiAs type structure

Begunova A.S., Kamalov R.V., Yakovlev G.A., Grokhovsky V.I.

The influence of the Seymchan meteorite structure on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes

Belik V.I., Shvanskaya L.V., Yakubovich O.V.

New Cu- and Ni-containing representatives of A2M3(H2O)2(B4P6O24(OH)2 (A = Cs, Rb) family of alkaline borophosphates: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties

Berzin S.V.

About the finding of refractory forsterite rich objects in Severny Kolchim (H3) meteorite

Berzin S.V., Dugushkina K.A.

Microxenolite in Gao-Guenie (H5) meteorite

Biryukov Y.P., Shablinsky A.P., Bubnova R.S., Pekov I.V., Filatov S.K.

The investigation of iron borate of mixed valency - halsit - by thermal X-ray diffraction

Borodina U.O., Goryainov S.V.

The study of shortite by Raman spectroscopy at pressures up to 8 GPa

Viktorova K.A., Aksenov S.M., Rascvetaeva R.K., Chukanov N.V.

The peculiarities of Zr and Ti isomorphism in high-titanium eudialyte from Kovdor massif

Voitekhovsky Yu.L.

The system of mineralogy: what was the idea of Nature?

Voitekhovsky Yu.L.

The entropy of 4- ... 9-atomic polyhedral clusters: relationship with point symmetry groups

Votyakov S.L.

Spectroscopy and physics in the investigation of mineral substance: the new development trends of materials science methods

Glukhov M.S., Sungatullin R.KH., Galiullin B.M.

The comparison of metallic microspheres of cosmic and technogenic dust

Golovchenko K.K., Golovanova O.A.

The peculiarities of the amino acid desorption process from the surface of the solid adsorbate

Gontsova S.S., Maksimova E.M., Petrova E.V., Danilenko I.A., Naukhatsky I.A., Yakovlev G.A.

Sulphide minerals in Chelyabinsk, Northwest Africa 869 and Gao-Guenie ordinary chondrites

Goryainov S.V., Borodina U.O.

The behaviour of lomontite zeolite at high pressures

Danilenko I.A., Petrova E.V., Yakovlev G.A., Baglayeva E.M., Seleznev A.A.

Are there particles of meteoritic nature in the muddy residual in Ekaterinburg?

Denisova Yu.V., Vikhot A.N.

The zircon thermometry of the Yarotsky granitic massif (Near-Polar Urals)

Dzhumayn N.R., Nastavkin A.V.

The investigation of pyrite from brown coals by scanning electron microscopy (Mugun Coal Section, Irkutsk basin)

Dmitrieva N.V., Bubnova.

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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: April 24th, 2019
Pages: 292
Language: English
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