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Viking History: 500 Interesting Facts About the Vikings (Hardcover)

Viking History: 500 Interesting Facts About the Vikings By Ahoy Publications Cover Image
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Discover Viking history through these five hundred fascinating facts

This book is your gateway to exploring one of the most exciting societies in history. You will uncover stories, myths, and facts about the Vikings. Discover their culture, religion, writing system, voyages, and much more Dive into details about their battles and tactics and see what everyday life was like in a Viking village. Find out fascinating information from over one thousand years ago that still influences us today.

Here is just a taste of what awaits inside:

  • Uncover why Vikings were feared raiders.
  • Explore Norse mythology, including their gods and goddesses, the Valkyries, and more.
  • Get acquainted with the runes, the Vikings' primitive writing system.
  • Learn about famous expeditions like Leif Erikson's voyage to Vinland (North America).
  • Learn about the famous Viking longships.
  • Discover the relationship between kings, jarls (noblemen), farmers, tradesmen, and more.
  • Examine clothing styles to better understand gender roles within society.
  • And so much more

Product Details
ISBN: 9781961217034
ISBN-10: 1961217031
Publisher: Legerum AB
Publication Date: May 10th, 2023
Pages: 64
Language: English