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Are We All Hyperactive? the Astonishing Epidemic of Attention Disorders (Paperback)

Are We All Hyperactive? the Astonishing Epidemic of Attention Disorders By Patrick Landman, Peter Gillespie (Translator), David Jacobson (Translator) Cover Image
By Patrick Landman, Peter Gillespie (Translator), David Jacobson (Translator)
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A new and original studies of one of a fast growing epidemic: attention deficit disorder.

Since ADHD was first classified as a disorder in the 1980s we have seen a startling increase in diagnoses for children, adolescents and, most recently, even adults across all demographic categories along with its standard medical regimen of nervous-system stimulants. How to account for the sudden appearance and rapid proliferation of this astonishing epidemic? How to evaluate the persistent claims of a biological cause based on inconsistent correlational stud- ies? And how to rethink psychoanalytic theory and practice to better address the subjective instability that this "disorder" describes? In this important and timely book, Patrick Landman addresses these questions in a clear and comprehensive way, creating a new roadmap for clinicians and researchers that is commensurate with the unique forms of suffering in our times.


About the Author

Patrick Landman, MD is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and jurist in Paris. He is the former president of the Convention Psychanalytique and member of the Board of Directors of Espace Analytique, an association for psychoanalytic training and Freudian research. He is also a founding member of the Collectif Initiative pour une Clinique du Su- jet: STOP DSM, which advocates for alternative approaches to diagnosis and treatment that emphasize the social environment and psychic reality. He is the author of several books including Freud and Tristesse Business: le scandale du DSM 5 (MaxMilo, 2013).

Product Details
ISBN: 9781946328380
ISBN-10: 1946328383
Publisher: Agincourt Press / The Sea Horse
Publication Date: February 29th, 2024
Pages: 148
Language: English