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Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2 (Paperback)

Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2 Cover Image
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Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2

Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2 by Art Therapy Coloring is filled with adult coloring pages of realistic illustrations of wildflowers and kaleidoscopic floral stained glass motifs It contains over 30 stress relieving adult coloring sheets that lure you in with charming illustrations of beautiful flowers surrounded by delightful butterflies and birds. It is infused with floral bouquets and wreaths, flowers in vases, abstract patterns inspired by flowers, and extremely complex floral designs. Color to your heart's content with Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2.

Floral Designs Vol 2 has coloring pages for every ability level. Even the most expert colorist will appreciate the lovely simplicity of the less complex coloring pages as they give a nice break from the most complex coloring pages. Even if you are new to the delightful world of adult coloring books, you have plenty of opportunities to push the boundary of your coloring skills with this adult coloring book.

Art Therapy's Anti-Stress Coloring Books

  • Over 30 adult coloring pages
  • Variety of designs
  • No newspaper print
  • Reduces stress and increases focus
  • We give 10% to support pancreatic cancer charities

Adult Coloring Books

Many adults have forgotten how to be creative. As children, if given a blank sheet of paper, we were able to come up with an imaginative picture and an elaborate story to go with it. Adult coloring books are a wonderful way to tap into that lost child-like creativity. You may be able to engage your inner artist after spending some time with adult coloring books.

Art Therapy Coloring approaches coloring as a self-help therapy. Coloring is a therapeutic activity because it helps to relieve stress. It is good for your emotional health to explore your creative side. Coloring can boost your confidence in your creative abilities. Coloring in adult coloring books is healthy and fun

Adults around the world are rediscovering the joy of coloring with anti-stress adult coloring books. Coloring can help to reduce our daily stress. Anti-stress coloring books for adults are marvelous stress reducers because they have a relaxing effect on the adult brain. When adults color in adult coloring books, the amygdala relaxes. The amygdala is the fear center of the brain that gets activated with day-to-day stress. Coloring enables the amygdala to relax and stress is reduced.

Coloring can be a great meditative practice. When you color, your breathing slows and your heart rate may slow down as well.

Coloring can have a positive effect on your feeling of well-being. People who have a regular daily coloring practice find that they do not get as stressed and are happier. This is similar to the benefits that you get from meditation. Some people find that coloring is easier than meditating because you do not have to work so hard to sit still and quiet your mind. Coloring helps to quiet your mind and achieve the same meditative benefits.

One of the primary reasons that we color in adult coloring books is because it is fun and we love creating beautiful pictures. Each coloring page in this anti-stress coloring book is superb. Combine your creativity with the artist's creativity and you will create a unique work of art that will bring beauty into your life. Enjoy the simple pleasure of coloring and feel like a kid again Order your Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Floral Designs Vol 2 and begin your coloring exploration today This adult coloring book also makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for teens and older girls.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944427061
ISBN-10: 1944427066
Publisher: Art Therapy Coloring
Publication Date: January 11th, 2016
Pages: 92
Language: English
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