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Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control: The No Pressure Solution (Paperback)

Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control: The No Pressure Solution Cover Image
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High Blood Pressure. Even if you haven't received the diagnosis yet, as many as three-quarters of the Western world will have to contend with high blood pressure sometime in their lives. However you no longer need to be a victim. Drs. DeRose and Steinke along with Nurse Practitioner Li draw from cutting-edge medical research and their decades of clinical experience to guide you on an amazing 30-day journey. Learn simple natural strategies that have helped many people decrease or eliminate their dependence on medications. Other titles may promise fast results with natural blood pressure strategies but few, if any, are as comprehensive, readable, and practical as "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control." Written by practicing medical professionals who share a passion for educating their patients, this book gives you far more than the latest information on natural blood pressure strategies. Its highly readable and user-friendly style combines a wealth of real-life stories taken from a variety of medical clinics and patient encounters. More illustrations, more data, and more compelling stories means more tools to educate and motivate you when it comes to drug-free blood pressure control. When valued in terms of the amount of information presented, this book is among the least expensive on the topic. Furthermore, the clinicians who wrote "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control" realize that knowledge is not enough. Most of us know far better than we do. Consequently, the book's authors essentially take your hand and help guide you to strategies that will make it more likely that you will do-and enjoy-the practical guidelines presented. As an example, the book offers a number of personal worksheets where the authors help you set and achieve realistic goals as you go through the 30-day program. Reviews From Readers' Favorite ( Review by A. Fomonyuy - 5/5 stars If there is a book everyone should read on high blood pressure treatment, it should be "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control" ...Readers will find stories that are both informative and entertaining..., data and statistics, powerful illustrations, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step therapies... There is a lot in this book, and readers will encounter a perfect blend of medical science and oriental philosophy, a combination that offers a clear path to understanding and treating high blood pressure... The writing is excellent and very accessible and the entire work is easy to read... readers will easily get drawn in by the compelling nature of the facts, data, and information generously shared by the authors... I recommend this book to anyone battling with blood pressure, anyone with a patient suffering from blood pressure, and anyone who is just curious about the most effective and comprehensive therapy for high blood pressure. Review by D. Zape - 5/5 stars Through a combination of storytelling and great prose, the authors bring to these pages the results of their medical experience, their expertise, and an innovative approach to the treatment of high blood pressure. The voice is authoritative and persuasive.... One of the benefits of this book, I noticed, is that it offers readers clear and powerful answers that will cost them little to nothing, answers that will transform their quality of life. "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control" is the book for high blood pressure patients, healers and health-care practitioners, and anyone who is curious about high blood pressure and how to handle it. Review by R. Oserio - 5/5 stars "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control" is a stellar work on the holistic treatment of high blood pressure, a book packed with invaluable information and tools... The language is simple yet powerful, devoid of unnecessary jargon, and this is great news for ordinary readers who will want a quick and interesting read...

About the Author

David DeRose, MD, MPH is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine with a Master in Public Health degree emphasizing Health Promotion and Health Education. In addition to his active clinical work, DeRose is a syndicated radio host, popular lecturer, and published medical researcher. Greg Steinke, MD, MPH is a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist with board-certifications in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine. His MPH emphasized Public Health Nutrition. Dr Steinke has helped many patients reverse their high blood pressure through lifestyle-based approaches. Trudie Li, MSN, FNP Trudie Li is a family nurse practitioner passionate about engaging others in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. In addition to her clinical experience, she has been active in health education and staff development at preventive medicine centers in the U.S. and China.

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ISBN: 9781942730026
ISBN-10: 1942730020
Publisher: Compasshealth Consulting, Inc.
Publication Date: September 27th, 2016
Pages: 442
Language: English
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