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Kiss Fewer Frogs: The Fast Track Secret to Your Fairy Tale Ending (Paperback)

Kiss Fewer Frogs: The Fast Track Secret to Your Fairy Tale Ending By James Sheridan Cover Image
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"This breakthrough book changes dating forever. Now you can find The One with your eyes wide open.” -Jack Canfield, New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and The Success Principles™

Practical results-oriented guide to finding the right type of man for you - and weeding out the rest

"Kiss Fewer Frogs: The Fast Track Secret to Your Fairy Tale Ending"

What if you could skip all the bad dates and failed relationships on the way to meeting Mr. Right? What if you could recognize the men who are wrong for you within minutes of meeting them, rather than finding out months or years later?

So many women date - and sometimes marry - the wrong man, missing opportunities for happiness and wasting time in the process. Now best-selling author James Sheridan shares a revolutionary new approach to fast-tracking relationship bliss - and short-circuiting heartbreak. After decades of success as a relationship coach and countless conversations with women in audiences around the world, Sheridan now shares the secrets that have changed the lives of thousands of women.

"For both men and women," he writes, "romantic relationships are the foundations of a fulfilled life, so why should you go about getting one in such a haphazard fashion?" Based on years of research in psychology, science, and the principles of compatibility and chemistry, "Kiss Fewer Frogs" empowers a woman to identify which men are best suited to her and where to find him.

Unlike generic dating advice, the core of the book digs deep into seven types of men: "genetypes" of behavior, personality, and character identified by psychologists, scientists, and even spiritual leaders. Which asset does each genetype bring into a relationship? What do they dislike? What drives them? How likely will they call you back promptly? Where does each type hang out? One of those seven types is invariably likely to be your type and this ground-breaking guide can help you find him.

With wit, warmth, and sometimes bold comments, the author also gives women rare insights into the male psyche and takes on topics rarely encountered in similar guides:

  • "Prince Perfect" and revelations designed to shred artificial worldviews
  • The one thing single mothers should avoid
  • Six characteristics of women who attract men
  • Rewriting the dating script for better focus and more control
  • The power of appreciating your age, body and looks
  • Tips on writing better online profiles
  • The "Calls of Nature" for both sexes

Woven into this step-by-step guide are stories of real men and women in their search for romance, humorous anecdotes, and reflections on dating relationships that the author overheard "last night at a bar (aka my alternate research lab)." Whether he is sharing how to recognize a "player" with surgical precision or assigning women to write down their deepest relationship fears, Sheridan motivates readers to give love a chance.

Imagine having proven strategies to let yourself learn from the past and move forward to the future with greater confidence and trust. If you - or women you know - are ready to take your best shot at identifying compatible men who are serious about finding a life partner, "Kissing Fewer Frogs" will make the search both systematic and fun. The perfect prince doesn't exist, but you may very well discover a prince who's close to perfect for you.

About the Author

A student of history, business, and science, James Sheridan flew 737s and then retired early to pursue his interests in psychology, finance, and real estate. Sheridan is also the author of The Pandora Prescription and The YOU Code. He is a protective father of an only daughter.

Praise For…

"This breakthrough book changes dating forever. Now you can find The One with your eyes wide open."  —Jack Canfield, New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and The Success Principles™

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ISBN: 9781940013909
ISBN-10: 1940013909
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Date: February 14th, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English
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