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Evolutionary Consciousness: The Dream Of Life (Paperback)

Evolutionary Consciousness: The Dream Of Life By Wayne Omura Cover Image
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Evolutionary Consciousness ventures from the imaginary world of dreams out into the vastness of the cosmos. It shows how one's subjective experience is intricately enmeshed in the way we perceive the world. A new paradigm in science is emerging. This is a participatory universe in which, in some sense, the ideas of the mind mold and create what we take for reality.

"Idealism and primacy of consciousness is slowly but surely making a comeback after almost a sixty year steam-rolling progress of scientific materialism. The author Wayne Omura has an interesting take on the subject: he skillfully explores a dream metaphor that some mystical traditions propose for reality. I find it interesting and very readable, and you will too." -- Dr. Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist and author of Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative, and Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness

"Wayne Omura's Evolutionary Consciousness takes the reader on a fascinating journey into dreams and the limits of consciousness. He asks us if the world itself is a dream and offers important insights into the ultimate nature of reality." -- David Peat, author, physicist, Director of Pari Center for New Learning (Italy)

"A tour de force. A guide on your path to understanding. Anyone who is committed to understanding their path through life would do well to build upon the foundations of Evolutionary Consciousness. It will tide you through puzzling and difficult times. You are not alone in your confusion. Find solace in what others have discovered on their journey through life. A scholarly review of the essence of existence." -- Gerrit L. Verschuur, Ph.D. Radio astronomer and author of, among other titles, Hidden Attraction: The History and Mystery of Magnetism, The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, and Is Anyone Out There?: Personal Adventures in the Search for Extraterrestrials.

"This is a very thoughtful and well-researched book that I am pleased to recommend to all readers interested in human consciousness and the study of nature." -- William A. Tiller, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Department of Material Science and Engineering

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ISBN: 9781936955220
ISBN-10: 1936955229
Publisher: Bauu Institute
Publication Date: October 15th, 2018
Pages: 232
Language: English
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