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Homemade Beauty Products: The Best DIY Cosmetic Solution for Women and Men. Learn Easy Skin Care Recipes to Make Your Own All-Natural, Nourishin (Hardcover)

Homemade Beauty Products: The Best DIY Cosmetic Solution for Women and Men. Learn Easy Skin Care Recipes to Make Your Own All-Natural, Nourishin Cover Image
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If you don't know the biological risks of intoxication, allergic processes, prolonged chemical exposure, side effects, indiscriminate use of beauty products, then keep reading.

In the last years the cosmetic industries have increased the use of compounds with preservative action, surfactant, artificial fragrances, stains, etc. in the formulation of products.

So, the indiscriminate use of cosmetics is presenting itself as an emerging issue of public health and if you are using commercial beauty products chances of damaging your skin are high. It can cause premature aging of your skin because the toxic ingredients tend to cause sagging, and exhaust your skin of its moisture.

Owing to the chemicals in the skin care products, you'll find impurities in your skin lines that can cause acne and other major issues.

But the same way you feed your body organic good, your skin deserves the same care.

Natural skin care products, rich in nutrients and made using natural oils, plants, fruit extracts and fruit acids, tend to treat the skin and nourish it, as they have the necessary antioxidants. Their superior organic ingredients help you to exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin without the use of additives and artificial chemicals, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Avoiding toxins can be a daunting task and this comprehensive Homemade Beauty Products book is here to help women and men. You'll learn all you need to know to make top all-natural beauty products at home using simple ingredients and equipment.

After you will have learned the dramatic differences between commercial and natural beauty products and what you should know about cosmetics which they don't tell you, in this book you'll discover the best homemade recipes:

  • FOR HAIR: masks, shampoo, conditioner, dyes, etc. for all hair types
  • FOR FACE: masks, creams, cleansing, aftershave, makeup, etc. for all skin types
  • FOR BODY: natural soap making, body butters, scrubs, creams, lotions, etc.
  • ...and more

Whatever is your age, organic skin care products are made of ingredients that work to keep your skin healthy, smooth, hydrated and moisturized.

Just you need to follow the simple steps included in this book, choose the product that is friendly to your skin type and look forward to positive and long-lasting effects.

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ISBN: 9781914140136
ISBN-10: 1914140133
Publisher: Starfelia Ltd
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English
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