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Awareness study on sexual harassment in higher educational institutions (Paperback)

Awareness study on sexual harassment in higher educational institutions By Rajput Diwakar Singh Cover Image
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The population of the women comprises a large portion of the humankind. Despite being invested with certain curious highlights both physical and volatile, people are integral to one another. Their different physical and sensitive characteristics together structure the race. Henceforth, coherently both ought to have equal status. The concept of "Ardhanarishwara" depicts well in this view. Ardhanarishwara separates himself/herself as Adipurush (Male structure) and Prakriti (Female structure) for the assignment of creation. None of the fraction can perform any activity without the contribution of other. The male and female are the equivalent accomplices in the creation, improvement and advancement of the general public. Both have been given equal significance and importance and are supposed to be dealt with equality. If equality is lost, it will be impeding to entire society. Unfortunately, now a days this equality has not been kept up in the human culture. Women all over the globe have been exposed to different shameful acts. In India, merciless male mastery over ladies has been proceeding since pre-memorable times. There has been discrimination between male and female child, men and women. Women are considered as belongings and objects of sensory delight. The historical backdrop of women concealment in India is long, although in the last decade social reformative leader, Swamy Dayanand Saraswati, Rajaram Mohan Rai, Babasaheb B. R Ambedkar, Sabitri Rai Fulle contribute made some changes and complied societies to eliminate some cultural bad practice (Sati Pratha). Women usually hide their feelings and have suffered and are suffering at present time too. Everywhere women have been exposed to injustice, disparities, outrages, imbalance, and separation.

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ISBN: 9781805457626
ISBN-10: 1805457624
Publisher: Independent Author
Publication Date: January 14th, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English
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