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Dark Psychology Secrets and Manipulation Techniques: The Complete Guide to Emotional Manipulation, Hypnosis, and Subliminal Persuasion. Learn How to C (Hardcover)

Dark Psychology Secrets and Manipulation Techniques: The Complete Guide to Emotional Manipulation, Hypnosis, and Subliminal Persuasion. Learn How to C Cover Image
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HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU FELT LIKE A PASSIVE SPECTATOR OF YOUR LIFE? How many times have you felt powerless in the face of the decisions of others, at the mercy of the will of others?

Brainwashing and Manipulation are everywhere. Have you ever seen a person literally obsessed with a political idea? Do you know someone who can't get out of a toxic relationship? Have you ever bought things you didn't need because the seller was extremely persuasive?

These are all examples of Manipulation. As you can see, it goes from veiledly influencing an individual to controlling the masses.

Previously, knowledge of Brainwashing and Manipulation techniques was kept secret and made available only to members of the political and economic elite.

But now YOU, too, have the chance to use the best manipulative techniques

This book will shed light on the mysteries of Dark Psychology. It contains psychology techniques used by the best marketing experts in the world. All the information in this manuscript results from research on behavioral psychology done by the most famous psychologists.

It will protect you from manipulators by revealing their secret techniques. Above all, it will teach you about Persuasion, Manipulation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand what Dark Psychology is and how it is used
  • Better understand human psychology and so-called obscure personalities
  • Break the Manipulation spell - once you know how it works, lose the power it has over you
  • Become a master in the art of Persuasion - now YOU can influence others, instead of being controlled
  • Use Deception to influence the mind
  • Plant an idea in your interlocutor's head without him noticing it
  • Controlling people's minds with techniques like NLP and Hypnosis
  • Understand Manipulation in Dark Psychology
  • Communicate your ideas, thoughts, and opinions persuasively and convincingly in any situation

And much, much more

Even if you think you don't have relational skills, you will find that it is easy to understand and apply the techniques presented in this book - just follow the step-by-step guide. You will be surprised by the results

You will immediately be able to resist Manipulation and control people's choices - two skills that will help you grow your business or build a breathtaking career. Does this perspective appeal to you?

This book will definitely open your eyes and change the way you interact with people.

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ISBN: 9781801324687
ISBN-10: 1801324689
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: November 29th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English
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