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What the Dead Are Dying to Teach Us: Lessons Learned From the Afterlife (Paperback)

What the Dead Are Dying to Teach Us: Lessons Learned From the Afterlife By Claire Broad Cover Image
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A fresh and thoroughly modern take on Afterlife communication. Claire Broad is known as the Honest Medium, in What the Dead are Trying to Teach Claire shares invaluable insights into life after death gained through her own experience, whilst also drawing on the most up-to-date scientific studies on consciousness.

As a young child, Claire experienced psychic phenomena, as she grew older her experiences and the communications she received became stronger, resulting in Spirit teachers making their presence known and guiding her. Naturally analytical and now an adult, Claire was forced to question the validity of her experiences against the common academic opinion surrounding survival after physical death and embarked upon a life long quest for the truth.

In her refreshingly down to earth, honest and open manner, Claire shares personal stories to bring comfort and hope to many whilst highlighting findings from consciousness studies that challenge our understanding of the world and encourage us to consider our true nature and full potential. Claire teaches us why we may have confidence there is life after death, how we can heal and awaken spiritually through the therapeutic practice of mediumship and most importantly what we can learn from those already on the other side in order to make the most of this life whilst we are here.

By the end of this compelling book, readers will have an understanding that we all have a natural connection to the spirit world and will have gained tips and tools to deepen this connection; that death is an illusion; that our loved ones can visit us after their passing and that we can learn to recognise the signs; that genuine mediumship is a therapeutic practice and why visiting a medium is nothing to be feared; that spirit guides gently support us all; that it is natural for a child to display psychic ability and what you can do to support a child that does; that there is scientific research to support the validity of mediumship and psychic ability and that it is possible to seek evidence for survival as well as keeping faith.

About the Author

Claire gave her first message from the spirit world to a relative at the age of 4 (al- though remarkably, she remembers being aware of spirit people around her before this). She started to develop her ability at the age of 21 with the hope that through developing her skills, she might help others and better understand the question of life after death for herself. She has 20 years professional experience, working in various ways, including 1:1 private sittings, public demonstrations, public speaking and teaching. She regularly runs workshops and classes related to mediumship and spiritual development. Claire has been accredited by the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums as a Registered and Approved Medium (ISM/RAM). On top of all this, Claire has also demonstrated to sold out theatre audiences.

Praise For…

'Claire Broad is an honest medium. The eternal wisdom she shares in this beautiful book will bring spiritual comfort, guidance and inspiration from cradle to beyond the grave.'
- Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung

'There should be more people like Claire Broad in the world … her book will help anyone wanting to understand life after death. Claire asks important questions allowing us to experience her trust in the spirits that guide her, as they provide answers.'
- Gordon Smith

'What the Dead Are Dying to Teach Us address what it’s like to be a medium, and Claire Broad shares what’s she’s learned about how you can experience spirit – and spiritual – connections. But rather than relying only on her experience, or that of her spirit guides, she keeps the reader grounded in the physical world by bringing in the work of scientists studying experiences, abilities, and phenomena that put a spotlight on consciousness surviving the death of the body, as well as the experiences of everyday people with the Afterlife. I highly recommend this book for anyone exploring questions about spirit communication and Life After Death (and psychic experience in general).'
- Loyd Auerbach, M.S. Parapsychologist

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ISBN: 9781786782045
ISBN-10: 1786782049
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019
Pages: 232
Language: English
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