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Urram - Rekindled Hope (Paperback)

Urram - Rekindled Hope By Cheyenne Van Langevelde Cover Image
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Five years since the last blood heir to the Scottish throne was imprisoned by Danish invaders, death her only prospect.
Two since the Lowlanders rescued their princess while failing to free their country, waging a winter's war.
One since the princess went into hiding and the Scots sent envoys to Cymru, hoping to secure aid against their common enemies.
Her country in ruins, her fighting men few, Fiona McCurragh nonetheless finds courage as the Lowlanders return from Cymru.

As winter thaws into spring, the Danes renew their hunt for the Scottish princess, nearly discovering her and the Scots' newfound Cymreig allies. The Scots, forced to play their hand, retaliate by launching their third war against their invaders. Yet Fiona McCurragh and the elder son of Chieftain McCladden soon realise that not all battles are won with men and spears; some are of the heart. In an unforeseen act of treachery, Fiona is captured and held prisoner at Caerloch Castle, awaiting torture and execution. Meanwhile, the Lowlanders and the Cymry find themselves faced by Lady Nuith's innumerable hosts and beyond the reach of the silent Highlanders. Torn between surrender or death, honouring their oaths may be the Scots' final defence.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736758786
ISBN-10: 1736758780
Publisher: Cheyenne V Van Langevelde
Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
Pages: 362
Language: English