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For the Love of Horse (Paperback)

For the Love of Horse By Lynn Hummer Cover Image
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In For the Love of Horse, author Lynn Hummer chronicles her experiences rescuing slaughter-bound horses, especially pregnant mares. Over the years, her work with these horses has generated within her a spiritual awareness and a healing she never expected. Through the horse-human connection, they have taught her about being present and helped her find balance in a hectic world.

Hummer shares some hard truths, exploring the fact that what is generally accepted as proper treatment for horses can in many ways be considered abuse. She reveals the abhorrent practices of worldwide horse industries and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. She endeavors to bring awareness to these despicable facts while touting horses as healers, best friends, and even therapists.

A better world can, and should, exist for horses—For the Love of Horse offers a path forward.

About the Author

Lynn Hummer has long been an animal advocate, environmentalist, and volunteer. After protesting nuclear power plants in the 1970s, she enjoyed a career in music for much of the 80s—an enormous portion of her work raising money for animal rights. After marrying and having children, her commitments transitioned into volunteering for her children's public schools.

In 2006, upon discovering that over 100,000 American horses were being sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico, she decided to get involved. She founded the Pregnant Mare Rescue in May of 2006, relocated her family to the Santa Cruz County, applied for non-profit status and began pulling pregnant mares out of harm's way. While working full-time and raising a family she remained relentless, saving the horses from abuse, abandonment and trips to the slaughterhouse.
Eventually the horse rescue inspired new programs, especially those for children. The Pennies for PMR and The Wonder of Horses are two of the highly-enjoyed, well-received programs designed to help children experience "horse" and the value of giving.

She and her husband of 31 years enjoy ranch life, the coastal fog, and the wonderful feeling of making a difference.

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ISBN: 9781543966473
ISBN-10: 1543966470
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: April 27th, 2019
Pages: 230
Language: English
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