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SHTF Bug Out Survival Skills Handbook: How to Survive Any Disaster (Paperback)

SHTF Bug Out Survival Skills Handbook: How to Survive Any Disaster By Robbie J. Jones Cover Image
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SHTF Bug Out Survival Skills Handbook
How to Survive Any Disaster

An SHTF preparation, disaster preparation, or any emergency preparation are not something you do in a day or a week. It is not as simple as reading a book, then buying a few cans of food, a flashlight, and some BOB bags. It is much more than that. It is a mindset where your only goal is to safeguard you and your family from any disaster that happens in your area for years to come.

The shock of a larger scale disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or a chemical or biological attack on humanity can happen in a matter of seconds. Once any of these disasters happen, the reaction can sometimes be even fatal. But being prepared for anything comes your way can give you the peace of mind and train your brain to act instead of just being in the "shock and awe" state of mind.

While your first reactions aren't necessarily wrong, a lot of factors impact your pre-written emergency plan. However, what does matter is that you act. In a post-SHTF scenario, you want to take action rather than finding out what happened. Learning what is going on around you is of secondary concern to survival. Focus on what your gut is telling you, not what the news is saying.

Surviving any disaster requires well thought out planning, a good stockpile of gear and supplies, training and preparation along with a cool calm and collective mindset to know what action to take and what not to take. A wrong decision in this situation can be fatal.

But even with all the planning and stockpile of gear, how you actually live through a true major scale attack or a disaster is what we talk about in this book. In this third and final book, I lay out some specific decisions you have to make along with some specific actions you will have to take to survive the disaster.

When I taught survival course, the three most asked questions my students asked:

  1. What do I do right after a disaster strikes?
  2. Should I bug in or bug out?
  3. Should I stay in the city or go to a remote location?

One thing to remember before you get anxious to find the answers to these questions that there is no "one size fits all" survival solution when facing a major scale natural or unnatural disaster.

My goal is to prepare your mind to the degree where you can assess your own surroundings and have the ability to determine which solution is the right one for you. I give you all the options and tell you about which ones are for what situation. I also tell you the pros and cons of each, but ultimately it is your decision to pick the right ones for you.

After reading this book, you will know:

  • Answers to the three questions above
  • What to do on the first hour of SHTF
  • Self-defense & security
  • 50 ways to become a 'grey man.'
  • What is urban survival
  • What and how to do urban foraging
  • 3 must-follow threat assessments
  • 3 steps to be aware of your surroundings
  • How to protect yourself from various injuries
  • How to maintain high morale
  • 5 tips to dealing with PTSD
  • How to barter and win
  • How to survive a plane crash
  • How to survive a tornado
  • How to survive a tsunami
  • How to survive a nuclear attack

Let's get to work.

About the Author

"There are lot of books on bug out and similar topics but none cover as much details as Robbie did in these 3 books. He is a master hiker, a well known Bushcraft trainer and a survival coach. He knows he stuff. It was truly a mind opening experience to read these book" - R. HarrisonI knew about bugging out but till I read this book, I never thought about bugging in instead of bugging out. I agree with his assessment that sometimes that is a much better option. Great material here" - L. Knapp

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ISBN: 9781541221673
ISBN-10: 1541221672
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 19th, 2016
Pages: 116
Language: English