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German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Adolf Hitler of the 21st Century? (Paperback)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Adolf Hitler of the 21st Century? By Alan Simon Cover Image
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"A Specter Is Haunting Europe - the Specter of Communism", which promoted the socialist German authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels with unprecedented urgency in their 1848 Communist Manifesto. "We Can Do It", these words in 2015 by - exactly 167 years later - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as their exemplary German ideological successor of the ancient socialist struggle against old and proved rules, similarly intensively promotes her equally devastating Euro-American Multiculturalism and the despotic New World Order (NWO). Nowadays, this clear exponent-woman of the totalitarian NWO need not to hide in opposition or illegality, not even to spit fire and brimstone on the ruling class enemies, but on the contrary, she herself firmly stays at the head of the united European Empire as a sovereign ruler came up from democratic elections originally. And from the position uncrowned self-styled European Empress, she can organize completely without any resistance lives of all 700 million Europeans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea and from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea. Whether they like it or not, whether they are afraid or not, without being given her any mandate to it in any election. And not without obstacles, but even she has a still support of her transoceanic protector and her ideological boss in the White House in Washington so that she can undisturbed organize a modern migration of nations, and namely, without any limited liability. Literally, in this time, we are the direct participants of massive immigration waves from Africa and the Middle East to Europe in live broadcast, which is clearly organized and financed by foreign powers. European citizens are dismayed and frustrated that the German Federal Government neither the national governments of the EU nor the European Union authorities do not intervene against this mortal danger, but on the contrary, they quite irrationally are challenging citizens and the Member States of the EU to the absurd receiving more illegal immigrants. How is in general possible anything so crazy, fascist and totalitarian in a supposedly democratic and legal environment of the European Union of nation states in the modern history? Can Europeans manage such an unprecedented modern migration to Europe to by able to argue that it will benefit Europeans, Germans, Austrians and Swiss? Have they to be grateful for so-called "workforces of the future" or in opposite, to expel the long-term statistically inflexible, incapable of integration and lifetime recipients of social benefits? Will Angela Merkel be soon becoming a blessing of Germany and Europe, or once, a malediction as her old predecessor in the chancellor office Adolf Hitler? What's a Chancellor's binding act of May 1949? Who are American Thomas P. M. Barnett and his German teacher Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi? What is meant by the Islam, Muslim, Allah, Koran, Sunna, Sharia and Jihad? What is the American Houston Project? Should Europeans be afraid of an American fascism and what goals are followed by an American's breakup of Europe? Why did the Libyan leader Muammar el Gaddafi have to die? What happened on February 8th, 2015 at the White House in Washington? What are hopes of rescuing Europe and Europeans? There is discussed about all in this book, which brings a lot of very valuable informations, whereby some of which are world's original. Therefore, this book should be become an integral part of your home library.

About the Author

Author Alan S i m o n, born 1957, is a successful building businessman, self-made lawyer and active in politics. Writing blogs and articles and participating in discussions about their interest circuits on the Internet, which are including politics, technology and economics. He has two children, educated free civil engineer, skeptic and an optimist, looking for a "fixed point" and questioning traveler. Though not old, he can remember a lot, which allows him to evaluate things and events with appropriate detachment and to the desired depth. Author's hobbies: engineering, law, politics, theater, traveling, skiing and sun.

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ISBN: 9781537527062
ISBN-10: 1537527061
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 17th, 2016
Pages: 136
Language: English
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