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Crabgrass: Comic Adventures (Paperback)

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This is book number 1 in the Crabgrass series.

Staff Reviews

Tauhid Bondia’s Kevin and Miles spring to life with hijinks that are sometimes a four-panel joke, sometimes famed exploits. The adventures of these two kids involve school and family, imagined and real-life (mild) danger, and the bonds of friendship, which are tested but never broken. Bondia draws and writes in the tradition of Foxtrot and Calvin and Hobbes, building stories you can read for just a minute or for hours. Great for any kid looking for something fast, fun, and real.



“They say you can’t go home again. But that’s because they haven’t discovered Crabgrass. (Yet.) Every strip is like a visit from your best friend in grade school. The one who always got you in trouble for laughing too loud.”  –Brad Guigar, Creator of Evil Inc

Through its heartwarming, wry, and relatable comic episodes, Crabgrass explores the timeless subject of friendship between two boys growing up in the 1980s.

For best friends Kevin and Miles, each day is filled with adventure. When they aren't chasing the ice cream truck on their bikes or braving the coyote-filled woods armed with only a potato launcher, Kevin and Miles stretch out on a dock or beneath the shade of a tree, avoiding chores and watching the world go by. The two also help each other navigate adversity at school, avoiding bullies, falsifying disastrous report cards, and trying not to embarrass themselves too much in front of a crush. Through its heartwarming, wry, and relatable comic episodes set in the 1980s, Crabgrass explores the timeless subjects of friendship, imagination, and what it means to be a kid. 

The humor, warmth, and innocence of Crabgrass will appeal to fans of classic comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts as well as readers of bestselling middle grade series like Phoebe and Her Unicorn and Big Nate.

About the Author

Tauhid Bondia is a webcartoonist and illustrator from Kentucky. He has been creating comics online for 15 years, and loves drawing and telling stories as much as ever. His comic Crabgrass is about two best friends surviving childhood in the early 1980s, which is scheduled to launch in newspapers across the country in spring 2022. He previously wrote and illustrated A Problem Like Jamal, a comic about a young brother named Jamal Marcus trying to navigate life and middle school in a modern era.

Praise For…

Opening this book is a risk.

Readers of this collection of comic strips may find that they can’t stop quoting the funniest lines. For example: “I think complicated is just a word adults use when they don’t get it either.” Or: “Squirrels are like little super heroes, huh?” The squirrel joke, admittedly, makes more sense when it’s accompanied by drawings of a squirrel soaring aerodynamically between a power line and a tree. The premise of the strip is simple: Miles is an only child in one of the few Black families on Crabgrass Drive. Kevin is White and the middle child in a large family. The two of them become instant best friends. Some elements may feel familiar to fans of comics. Linus has his security blanket, and Kevin used to tote around a toy rabbit named Crumbs. More important, the characters are always playing tricks on each other, much like Lucy pulling away the football just before Charlie Brown kicks it. One incident involves firecrackers inside a peanut butter–and-jelly sandwich. Bondia also has some of Bill Watterson’s gift for dynamic movement and expressions. And a few moments are as poignant and bittersweet as scenes from “Calvin and Hobbes” and “Peanuts.” When Kevin’s distant father leaves his family, Miles asks, “Is it bad that I didn’t notice?” And Kevin responds, “Nah. Hardly anyone did.”
The author has learned exactly the right lessons from the history of comics. (Graphic humor. 8-12) (Kirkus Reviews, Kirkus Reviews)

When Miles moves in next door to Kevin they immediately become best friends.  Though they do tons of stuff as a duo (building a hideout, becoming superheroes, doing daredevil stunts, burning up with atomic jawbreakers) they also play tricks on each other pretty relentlessly along with telling tall tales, having sleepovers and enjoying summer.  Miles is a smart Black kid; Kevin is a poor white kid with poor grades.  It doesn’t matter.  Bondia’s illustrations are full-color, done in cartoon, comic-book style that cannot be beat for action or facial expression.  This one is not to be missed.

For sheer fun and laughs, this can’t be beat.  Kevin and Miles play off one another like Calvin and Hobbes so if there is anyone out there missing C&H, give Crabgrass a try. (Youth Services Book Review, Youth Services Book Review STARRED REVIEW)

there is also a book filled with the adventurous episodes of two buddies. Friendship books about two boys are somewhat rare in the MG world. This collection begins to fill that void.

Miles is the more cautious of the two, but match him up with Kevin and there is sure to be fireworks (or a firecracker in this story). There are also blow up swimming pools, Atomic Fireball candy, and challenging bike stunts.

The parents also provide comic moments and brief heartwarming scenes always lead to more adventures. Perfect for travel or to escape the present. Crabgrass Comic Adventures will for sure bring a smile or even a laugh to your day.
 (Greg Pattridge, Always in the Middle)

Friendship...with all of its amazing moments and not so amazing ones...bursts through with adventure, discovery, and humor pure, reminding readers how unforgettably wonderful it truly is. 

The author begins with a quick foreword, which grounds this series back into the 1980's and exposes the main thrust behind these pages: friendship and every remarkable (and unexpected_ moment that means for a pair of boys in middle school. So, while this one is definitely set for middle grade readers, adults will quickly find themselves smirking and snorting as they relive moments from the childhood, too. The humor crosses that generation threshold and promises laughs from all ages. 

Kevin and Miles are quite the pair and have the entire world neighborhood as their playground. Their adventurous spirit, never-ending ideas, and imagination bring endless possibilities...even when most don't end up quite the way they'd hoped. Most of the 'adventures' are super short and sweet, hitting only a page or two, and leaving with a snort or laugh, and tons of heart-warming nods. It's a read to pick up, put down, and grab up again, never knowing what the two will do next. 

The illustrations are bright, bold, and let the twists of reality versus expectation hit full force with a tad bit more to make the humor sit. The characters' expressions meet at the right times to jab in the last needed impact, and make them seem like the kid next door. 

Fans of Big Nate will want to take a peek into Crabgrass, too, because if these two ever came together...yeah, that'd be every boy's dream and parent's nightmare. (Tonja Drecker, Bookworm for Kids)

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ISBN: 9781524875558
ISBN-10: 1524875554
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Crabgrass
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