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Wind, The Story of a Wild Horse Rescue (Paperback)

Wind, The Story of a Wild Horse Rescue By Denise F. Brown Cover Image
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Wind, The Story of a Wild Horse Rescue, is a book about America's wild mustang's dangerous plight for survival and potential elimination forever from public lands. In today's world, horses are not a necessity for work or transportation as they once were in the days of the Wild West. Unwanted horses are often abused, abandoned or worse. Handling and management of the wild herds and the inhumanity of the slaughterhouse debate has several sides, making the future of the wild mustang questionable. This book reveals many of life's challenges to wild horses through the eyes, ears, and senses of a young colt named Wind, who is chased by a helicopter and captured in a roundup. The names are fictitious, the events are real. The author hopes the world will realize that wild mustangs should be treated humanely and allowed to live on the public lands that have been set aside for them. Together, we must ensure that future generations of American people will be able to enjoy and love them as living treasures, and not just in the movies. The author, Denise F. Brown grew up next to several horse farms. Her love for horses and animals, and her talent as an equine artist, gave her the courage to write and illustrate this book. Wind is filled with beautiful equine art from her sketchbooks.

About the Author

Denise F. Brown, author and illustrator, grew up next to several horse farms in New Hampshire, took riding lessons, and sketched and painted horses all my life. I was never able to have my own horse, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them. Being an equine artist has allowed me to stay in touch with horses and horse people. During my research about mustangs while writing this story, I discovered the troubling and haunting reality behind the capture and treatment of wild horses. The multifaceted slaughterhouse debate will continue until it is banned. That is why I have joined the public outcry to rescue these horses from inhumane treatment and slaughter. I hope to educate people about the plight of the mustang and their potential elimination forever from public lands.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781470120948
ISBN-10: 1470120941
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2016
Pages: 126
Language: English
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