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Follow the Light: The Shroud's Revelations (Hardcover)

Follow the Light: The Shroud's Revelations By T. C. Newman Cover Image
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A factual narrative explaining an innovative, artistic technique, developed by the author, who deciphers the three-dimensional information encoded within the image of the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud is one of the most misunderstood artifacts known to humanity, and one of the most rigorously investigated. It has baffled scientist, chemist, and theorist who despite all their examinations, debates, and annalistic data, cannot explain the mechanics of the image, why it is there, or what caused the image to appear. While studying this image as an artist, an unexpected and unique method developed that explains the image and demonstrates what this image is, and how the image emerged on the cloth. Many mysteries concerning the Shroud's image can now be deciphered, including why there are three ratios of size within the image, why the position of the wounds on the cloth are not accurate to the locations on the body, as well as an explanation of how long it took between death and the creation of the image. This method proves the man was much shorter in stature than first indicated by the image. It explains why this image encodes three-dimensional information. It also provides the most accurate depiction of this man as created by the follow-the-light method. This journey incorporates thirty-years of determination. Through experimentation, the author discovers the Shroud's image is a blueprint that creates its own three-dimensional sculpture with stunningly new details. As one question leads to another, the solving of the mysteries concerning the Shroud is fulfilled, one-by-one. This documentation permits the reader to experience the events that explain the secrets of the image-producing process, within an easy to follow storyline. There are many more answers between these pages, and all of this evidence began as a home-science project between an artistic mom and her eight-year-old child, who together powerfully exposes the hidden truth behind the creation of the Shroud's image. This narrative also explains the artistic-process in detail, so that any artist may reproduce the process and verify all of the evidence that this book contains. The conclusion remains thought provoking and relinquishes all of this evidence to the hands of the reader to determine if the Shroud of Turin, is in fact, the Shroud of the true historic Jesus.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781432797270
ISBN-10: 1432797271
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: January 5th, 2013
Pages: 116
Language: English