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Healing America: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Recapture the American Spirit (Paperback)

Healing America: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Recapture the American Spirit Cover Image
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From one of this country's most thoughtful and committed leaders, this optimistic, pragmatic guide--now revised and updated to reflect the current political climate--offers a timeless practice to inspire hope for our country's future.

When A Mindful Nation was first published, mindfulness had yet to ingrain itself into our everyday way of life--from our inner well-being to home to work to friends to family. Yet, with the ever-increasing pace of communication, flow of information, and pervasive urge to do more, the lessons from A Mindful Nation are perhaps even more important today. In this new and updated edition, retitled Healing America, Congressman Tim Ryan shares how the timeless practice of mindfulness, the natural capabilities of our brains and minds, and the core American values of self-reliance, determination, and getting the job done can positively affect every sector of our society.

Ryan connects the dots between what's happening in the classrooms, hospitals, boardrooms, research labs, and military bases across the country. He explores the most recent scientific findings that support the beneficial effects of mindfulness and shares powerful stories from the field, showing how this simple practice is helping schoolchildren improve their ability to learn, veterans heal from trauma, and CEOs become more effective leaders. He also provides practical tips for how to incorporate mindfulness into your life today.

In this world of divisive politics and contentious dialogue, the barrage of tension never seems to let up. But there are solutions that will immediately benefit both you and society as a whole--actions that you can take, right here and right now. With a direct and in-depth understanding of politics, government budgets, and what it takes to get important tasks done, Ryan combines a practical approach with a hopeful vision for how mindfulness can help reinvigorate the American Dream.

About the Author

Tim Ryan was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 and is currently serving in his eighth term representing Ohio's 13th Congressional District. He maintains a strong commitment to the economic and social well-being of his constituents in Northeast Ohio. Congressman Ryan follows a daily mindfulness practice and has been an outspoken advocate for promoting mindfulness practice as an aid to dealing with the variety of complex problems facing the nation.

Praise For…

"It is only through a shift in consciousness that the world will be transformed. Congressman Tim Ryan has written a truly powerful book in which he shares a vision for the United States that reflects this ideal. He reminds us that the word ‘United’ in our country’s name is first and foremost a spiritual principle. That we are all connected, that loving each other and working together as one is not for fanciful daydreamers—it is a real possibility. He writes eloquently of the power of kindness in how we interact with each other and more significantly how our government can implement mindfulness in its dealings with its citizens. As we become more enlightened, great political leaders will emerge from this new consciousness to lead us to Camelot, Avalon, or a Shining City on a Hill. Tim Ryan is one of those who can get us back to the ‘United’ in U.S.A., and we can, maybe for the first time, live our national motto, ‘e pluribus unum.’ Must reading for all.”
— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, best-selling author of Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

“Visionary. Wise. And practical! This book is powerful medicine that can change your life and bring benefit to us all.”
— Dr. Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

“Congressman Ryan has written a book that explores the importance of being mindful and self-aware and the benefits of improved performance and reduced stress that follow. Perhaps, if more members of Congress were mindful of the moment, our country would be a better place.”
— Linda Sánchez, United States congresswoman, California, co-author of Dream in Color

“Tim Ryan is telling us all—educators, politicians, and business people—to wake up and be mindful—of ourselves, of each other, of our families, of our country. His message couldn’t come at a better time.”
— Timothy Shriver, CEO, Special Olympics and chair of board, CASEL

“Congressman Ryan has deftly shined a light on the quiet revolution taking place in our midst. This visionary book shows how the simple practice of mindfulness can help us flourish as individuals and as a nat ion.”
— Tara Brach, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, author of Radical Acceptance

“At its heart, this book is a manifesto setting out a sharply focused vision for the pursuit of authentic well-being, one that ultimately leads to the creation of a healthier, more harmonious, and spiritually fulfilled societ y.”
— Victor Chan, trustee and founding director of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, author of The Wisdom of Forgiveness

“An important book that is a must-read for anyone who wants enhanced wellness, increased success, and improved relationships. In my work with corporate executives, leadership teams, and pro athletes, I find that those who understand and practice mindfulness have an advantage in dealing with the stress, challenges, and obstacles they face day in and day out.”
— Mike Robbins, former pro baseball player and author of Focus on the Good Stuff

“Tim Ryan challenges the nation to take up meditation in their daily lives and tells us ‘why/how’ it works. I know this territory and wish him and us Godspeed.”
— Phil Jackson, former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, winner of 11 NBA titles, author of Sacred Hoops

“This book has the potential to change our country—and the world—one person at a time.”
— Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“Tim Ryan shows how the simple practice of mindfulness can make us happier, more productive, and more compassionate. It is an unexpected and welcome book, and I highly commend it to all who are searching for a deeper life and a better societ y.”
— Rev. Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, author of God’s Politics

“Congressman Ryan offers us a beautifully written, practical, and comprehensive view of the far-reaching effects of mindfulness in civil society. This book brings the entire field of exploring mindfulness forward.”
— Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness

“Congressman Ryan offers a clear, compelling, and compassionate beacon of hope for America at this time of gathering darkness.”
— Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science

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ISBN: 9781401955885
ISBN-10: 1401955886
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication Date: September 18th, 2018
Pages: 240
Language: English
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