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Many Lives, Many Worlds: True Stories of Reincarnation, Soul Travel, & the Mystic Vision (Paperback)

Many Lives, Many Worlds: True Stories of Reincarnation, Soul Travel, & the Mystic Vision Cover Image
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This book tells the true story of what happened when a skeptical, spiritual neophyte sat down to begin a daily practice of meditation and somehow slid through a crack between worlds, ultimately ending up in a strange new psychic dimension of the Multi-Soul. Unbeknownst to him, he had been called. He had become the accidental mystic, a traveller of worlds. In repeated visits over an extended period, the author experienced over seventy strange visions and apparitions. These led him on a journey across multiple realms and worlds, ultimately taking him into the celestial chambers of a mysterious white-bearded being, where final secrets were revealed. The complete chronicle of the author's journey is presented in this volume, along with selections from the author's innovative account of the hidden teachings of the I-Ching and the true nature of the soul.

About the Author

When I began this endeavor I was not a mystic. In many ways, I was as far from a mystic as you could get. My soul was calling to me, but I couldn't hear its message beneath the frantic hubbub of my life. Only the quiet stillness of meditation allowed me to hear its voice. Over the years, I earned degrees from world-class universities, including a BS from MIT, a PhD in philosophy from Harvard and an MBA from UC Berkeley. My professional life reflected this diverse background. I worked as a philosophy professor at Stanford University, a programmer manager at IBM and SGI, a programmer and digital artist at media and education start-ups, a researcher in space biology at NASA Ames, and a bioinformatics engineer at Silicon Genetics and Agilent Technology. Reflecting on my life, I wondered what unknown forces might have been driving me. But then, serendipitously, I stumbled on a method that opened doors to the hidden realms of the mystic world, pulling me in. All my varied accomplishments turned out to be so much smoke and mirrors. My background may not have prepared me for the journey I was to undertake, but it did help me tell the tale of what I encountered along the way and the truths that the journey would reveal.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997647129
ISBN-10: 0997647124
Publisher: Mystic Tao Publishing
Publication Date: April 19th, 2017
Pages: 272
Language: English


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