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I cried... But I NEVER "GAVE UP" (Paperback)

I cried... But I NEVER
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I cried... BUT I Never "GAVE UP" is a story of a young mother, Mary who had no desire to improve her life by leaving the rough neighborhood where she lived. She was definitely not fair when it came to the needs of her two children, who have different fathers. Currently in a relationship with her young daughter, Neisha's father Brian, she often placed Neisha on a pedal stool while Damion, a splitting image of his father Swav, was treated like an unwanted stepchild.

Damion was constantly bullied and often pressured, not only by his peers, but also by a close adult, who was supposed to be a role model. Damion felt as if he had no one to turn to. Which will prevail? Will Damion become a statistic and succumb to the streets, or will he be strong enough to follow the morals that his grandparents instilled in him?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780977385430
ISBN-10: 0977385434
Publisher: World Is Mine (Twim) Publishing
Publication Date: April 14th, 2023
Pages: 98
Language: English