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Gas! Gas! Quick, Boys!: How Chemistry Changed the First World War (Paperback)

Gas! Gas! Quick, Boys!: How Chemistry Changed the First World War By Michael Freemantle Cover Image
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Reveals for the first time the true extent of how chemistry rather than military strategy determined the shape, duration, and outcome of World War I

Chemistry was not only a destructive instrument of World War I, but also protected troops and healed the sick and wounded. From bombs to bullets, gas to anesthetic, khaki to camouflage, chemistry was truly the alchemy of the war. This history explores its dangers and its healing potential, revealing how the arms race was also a race for chemistry, to the extent that Germany's thirst for fertilizer to feed the creation of their shells nearly starved the nation. It answers question such as: What is cordite? What is lyddite? What is mustard gas? What is phosgene? What is gunmetal? This is a true picture of the horrors of the "Chemists' War."

About the Author

Michael Freemantle is a chemist. He is the former senior correspondent for Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly magazine of the American Chemical Society, and he has written numerous books on the history of chemistry, including An Introduction to Ionic Liquids.

Praise For…

“Compelling overview of the chemical innovations and consequences on both sides of World War I... Highly recommended for science enthusiasts, students of World War I, and those wishing to more seamlessly connect science and history.” —Library Journal

"[A] solid, accessible survey."  —Publishers Weekly

"Powerful." —Wall Street Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9780750953757
ISBN-10: 0750953756
Publisher: The History Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2014
Pages: 256
Language: English