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j.shratter's blog

Greetings from Casey and the Bookshop Family, January 2020

Dear Readers,
January is the only month where I spend more time on the internet than I do reading, but that is only because I spend hours combing through all of "most anticipated" book lists of the upcoming year. The result is that I already have over 30 books on my pile that I desperately want to read—and that is only in the first half of the year! It should be a good year for books.

Greetings from Casey and the Bookshop Family: October, 2018

Dear Readers,A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a purple dress, holding a stack of books in front of a book shelf and smiling at the camera.

I am a book voyeur. I often think about those silly movies where someone (usually of the opposite sex) can hear the thoughts of others and it gives them a (so-called) profound sense of human nature. Funny enough, I don’t have much interest in hearing the inner thoughts of my husband, but I do have daydreams about hearing the inner thoughts of book buyers as they make their selections. Why did they pick that book vs. the other one? What was it on the back cover that grabbed someone’s attention? What moved that book group to make that selection?

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