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Bookshop Birthday Boxes

Say Happy Birthday to readers of all ages by sending them a customized Birthday Box from Bookshop Santa Cruz!

Each Birthday Box includes a book, a gift, one small party gift with birthday flair, and an enclosure card that says, "Hope your birthday is one for the books. Happy Birthday!" Add-on options—including a Bookshop gift card, a greeting card, a puzzle, and more—are available for an additional price.

Just answer a few questions about preferences and reading habits, and we'll take care of the rest. 
And yes, you can send yourself a Birthday Box—no shame in that! Just fill out the form according to your own preferences and we'll gladly send it straight to you. Be sure and see all of our customized gift box options—including Care Packages, New Baby, and Book BundlesHERE.  

Hardcover Birthday Box $49

Paperback Birthday Box $37

Home, Garden, or Cooking-Themed Birthday Box $65

Kid's Hardcover Birthday Box $40

Kid's Paperback Birthday Box $30

Kid's Graphic Novel Birthday Box $37

Kid's Board Book Birthday Box $30