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Autographed Copies and Signed Editions

Bookshop Santa Cruz offers autographed copies of many of your favorite books. Please see the listing below for the signed editions we are offering online. Contact our orders department if you have any questions.

Discounts and coupons are not applicable to the signed editions.

You can also browse our list of books you can get signed at upcoming author events.

by Jessica Francis Knoll
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Rules for Visiting, signed in-person by author Jessica Francis Knoll on May 29th, 2019.

“Jessica Francis Kane's precise and moving Rules For Visiting is an altogether new sort of friendship novel, one about friendships stretched to their limits over time and space, the sort of friendships so many of us count as our closest. Kane's gift for describing beauty and loneliness, the real stuff of life, is unparalleled.” — Emma Straub, author of Modern Lovers


by Elizabeth Acevedo
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed first edition, first printing copies available of With the Fire on High, signed on a tip-in page by author Elizabeth Acevedo.

"In this follow-up to Acevedo’s National Book Award and Printz Medal winning debut, Emoni (like Xiomara in The Poet X) is first-gen American (she’s Afro-Boricua). Emoni is also a teen mom (which Acevedo chooses not to portray as a burden, while also being honest about the challenges it presents) and a gifted chef. Her struggles honing her culinary gift and learning to define life on her own terms make this is a flavorful and compelling read." - Stephanie, Bookshop Santa Cruz Head Children's Buyer


by Juliet Grames
First Edition, First Printing, Specially Bound Title Page

We have signed copies available of The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna, signed by author Juliet Grames on an illustrated title page specially bound by the publisher.

“Juliet Grames has delved into the family secrets of an Italian American family and the ways in which those secrets, as well as slights and injustices, can both cross oceans and trickle down through the generations. This quintessential American immigrant story feels important right now, and I highly recommend it.”— Lisa See, author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane


by Ann Patchett, Robin Preiss Glasser
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We have signed copies available of Lambslide, signed on a tip-in page by author Ann Patchett and illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser.

From the international bestselling author of Bel Canto and Commonwealth, Ann Patchett, and the bestselling illustrator of the Fancy Nancy series, Robin Preiss Glasser, comes a hilarious children’s story about a slide made just for lambs.


by David K. Randall
First Edition, First Printing, Signed Title Page

We have signed copies available of Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague, signed by author David K. Randall on the title page.

"When most people think of the bubonic plague, they don’t associate it with America, and there are a handful of people who are responsible for that. Randall chronicles the largely forgotten efforts of the men who gave happiness, health, and in some cases their careers, to stop the spread of plague in San Francisco. Thoroughly researched and at times quite graphic, Randall’s account of this epidemic is a fascinating look at a disease largely forgotten but lurking in the shadows to this day." - Jade, Bookshop Staff


by Erika Swyler
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Light From Other Stars, signed in-person by author Erika Swyler at our in-store event with her on May 6th, 2019.

“At once expansive and strikingly intimate, Light from Other Stars is a story you won't be able to put down . . . This book is no less than a declaration that life is worth living, which makes it a vital book for our times.” —Adrienne Celt, author of INVITATION TO A BONFIRE


by Katherine Applegate
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We have signed copies available of Endling: The First, signed on an illustrated tip-in page by author Katherine Applegate.

In this sequel to the New York Times bestselling first book—which received four starred reviews—Katherine Applegate once again delivers an action-packed middle grade fantasy with a unique setting, enthralling characters, and gripping adventure that is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, Brian Jacques, and Tui T. Sutherland.



by Chelsea Cain, Lia Miternique
Independent Bookstore Day 2019 Exclusive Edition

We have limited signed copies available of Man-Eaters V1, signed by author Chelsea Cain and illustrator Lia Miternique on a bright pink sticker affixed to the inside cover, for an exclusive edition created for Independent Bookstore Day, 2019.

"It's a horror comedy about a girl who thinks she's a monster and it's brilliant." --Kelly Sue DeConnick, Bitch Planet



by Louie Pérez
First Edition, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Good Morning, Aztlán, signed in-person by author Louie Pérez at our in-store event with him on May 20th, 2019.

Louie Pérez is a master musician and innovative visual artist who has spent the last forty years as founding member and principal songwriter for the internationally acclaimed group Los Lobos. Working with his songwriting partner, David Hidalgo, Pérez has written more than four hundred songs. Many of those songs, along with previously unpublished poems and short stories as well as paintings, sketches, and photos, are collected in this deeply personal, yet universally appealing volume. The book also features essays by musicians, artists and scholars who artfully dissect the significance of Pérez’ work. Good Morning, Aztlán is, without question, a different kind of memoir


by Robert Lundquist
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We have limited signed copies available of After Mozart (Heroin on 5th St), signed in-person by poet Robert Lundquist at our in-store event with him on April 25th, 2019.

Robert Lundquist was one of the rising stars of the Santa Cruz renaissance. By the early 1970s he was published in the Paris Review, anthologized in Raymond Carver’s magazine Quarry West, and listed in Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘Best 100 American Poets.' This is Lundquist’s first major work. Discover a lost genius in these pages.