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Assigned Reading

Assigned School Reading

Bookshop Santa Cruz works with local schools to help students to get their assigned reading books. We offer discounts on assigned reading titles or the ability to make assigned reading books a school fundraiser. If you are interested in having your Reading List appear here, please contact

These books are on display in our store and we offer 10% off to all students of those schools--just let the cashier know they're required reading when you check-out. You can also order them online and use your school's online coupon code to receive your 10% discount on the assigned books we have listed.

We currently have these participating Schools / Classes:

Aptos High

Harbor High

Pacific Collegiate School

San Lorenzo Valley High School

Scotts Valley High

Soquel High School

Watsonville High School


Don't see your school or class on the list? We probably didn't receive a formal assignment list from your teacher or school, but we'll still give you 10% off your assigned reading. Just bring a copy of your school’s Summer Reading Assignment List to our Information Desk and we'll be sure to give you your 10% discount. You can also e-mail a copy of your current syllabus (or let your teacher know to do so) to .