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About Libro.FM Digital Audiobooks

Libro.FM Audiobooks support local bookstores. OMG!

By choosing over other audiobook services, you support a local bookstore of your choice—and invest in your local community. offers over 125,000 audiobooks via their premium platform (built with love from scratch) and gives you bookseller recommendations for great audiobooks. And when you contact, you'll hear directly from one of their team members who will ensure your listening experience is unmatched.

To Get Started

  1. Visit, select your first audiobook to purchase (a-la-carte or through the membership), and follow steps to create an account.
  2. After your purchase, you‚ will receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the iOS or Android App, for easy listening on your mobile device.
  3. Start listening. Sign into the app and download your audiobook(s) to your device.

All purchases are made from the website in a browser. All purchases are listened to from the app - and can be listened to on as many different devices (phones, computers, mp3 players, etc.) as you want. 

How Compares to Other Digital Audiobook Services:

Features Others
Over 100,000 titles
First month for FREE!
$14.99 monthly fee (one audiobook/month)
30% off additional audiobooks and gifts
Free iOS and Android App
Membership credits never expire  
Supports independent bookstores  
DRM-Free (listen on multiple devices)  
Recommendations from indie booksellers  
Ad-free browsing and listening  
Pays a fair rate to publishers and authors  

As a Customer, you...

Keep money within your local economy.

Proceeds from audiobooks purchased through are shared with your local bookstore Your community sees 25% more money when you shop locally rather than at a national chain. More of your tax dollars are also reinvested into your community.

Create local jobs.

Local businesses, bookstores included, are better at creating higher paying jobs within the community.

Protect the environment.

Buying local means less packaging and less transportation. Plus, digital audiobooks have an even smaller carbon footprint.

Make a difference.

Local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.

Nurture your community’s uniqueness.

Local bookstores curate their selection based on what they know their community members are interested in. When you buy from local booksellers, you are participating in the conversation that shapes your local culture.

Who is Libro.FM? began as a conversation over beers at a local bookstore in Seattle (Third Place Books—check it out sometime), and from the vision, to the technology, to the now thriving community, they’ve grown this from the ground up.

Learn more about and their team on their website.