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Blind Date with a Picture Book

NEW this year—Blind Date with a Book for Kids! Our Blind Date with a Book program for adults and young adults has been hugely popular for the past few years, so this year we thought we'd expand it to kids. Let us set your tiniest Valentine up on a Blind Date with a Book! Our Children's Department staff picked out picture books we adore, wrapped them up to hide their identities, and gave short descriptions to entice you. You can’t unwrap a book until you’ve taken the plunge and purchased it, but you CAN rest assured that all of these books have been thoroughly vetted—and come with our heartfelt recommendations.

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  • Picture book
  • Lovable, sarcastic bunny heroine
  • Change is sometimes scary
  • Delightfully illustrated animal family
  • Appearances can be deceiving
  • Hilarious comic danger
  • Ages 3–6

  • Bilingual English/Spanish Picture Book
  • Colorful & Detailed 
  • Adorable Characters
  • Luchadores!?!?!
  • Ages 2–7

  • Race & Identity
  • Intersection of social and physical boundaries
  • Richly detailed watercolor illustrations
  • As lovely as sitting on a fence with a friend on a sunny day
  • Ages 5–8

  • About a man known for one thing, but should be known for many
  • He was formerly enslaved and an early environmentalist
  • Lush paintings on each spread
  • Emphasis on a hunger for knowledge
  • Ample information about the importance of botany
  • Ages 4–8

  • Well known musician, even if people don't know their name (you've definitely heard at least one of their songs!)
  • Paints a picture of a complex person
  • Makes my flower child heart happy
  • Beautiful hybrid collage paintings
  • Where is their Nobel Prize in Poetry?
  • Ages 4–8