Young Writers Contest

Bookshop Santa Cruz is celebrating the talents of young writers in our community with a contest designed for writers ages 6–17.

First-, second-, and third-place winners from each age group will receive Bookshop Santa Cruz gift certificates.  Plus the winning entries will be published together in a collection this November.

2014 Honorees


2014 Honorees Ages 6 - 9First Place: Jennifer Leishman, 9, Ann Frank's Friend: The Story of a Time Traveling Girl
Second Place: Montgomery Samuel Thomas, 7, Plants
Third Place: Rebecca Fuller, 8, A Horse Named Sunset
Honorable mention: Makenzie Lashley, 7, A Monster Named Stanly
Honorable mention: Ari Braslavsky, 9, The Fights of 1943
Ages 10 - 13First Place: Kumali Schoen, 13, Final Bond
Second Place: Julia Pearson, 13, The Finch, the Sparrow, and the Falcon
Third Place: Melia Van Hecke, 12, Ice on the Windows
Honorable mention: Rina Rossi, 12, Far, Far, Away
Honorable mention: Ciara Patel, 13, Alien

Ages 14 - 17:
First Place: Rachel Surgalski, 16, Lilac Boy
Second Place: Emily Gordis, 17, Soul Food
Third Place: Isabella Ainsworth, 15, Castle Reyes
Honorable mention: Garrett David Moore, 15, Accidental President


Ages 6-9

First Place: Cara Burgess, 9, The Enchanted Forest 
Second Place: Riley Austin, 8, The Adventures of Joshua  
Third Place: Ryan Hannah, 9, The Fishing Day 
Honorable mention: Liliane Finn Newberry, 9, The Secret of Lakeside Inn 
Honorable mention: Cassidy Flanagan, 6, The Farm That People Loved
Honorable mention: June Parvis, 6, Aphrodite

Ages 10-13

First Place: Julia Pearson, 12, You are as You Act 
Second Place: Anika Lindley, 13, The Brightest Light
Third Place: Jaida Johnson, 13, Ruby
Honorable mention: Sophie Wright, 10, The Journey
Honorable mention:Sydney Pelz, 11, & Ella Rintoul, 10, Thrist vs. Life 

Ages 14-17

First Place: Malakai Wade, 15, 307 Walnut and Wimpole St  
Second Place: Allegra Cohen, 17, Shrewsbury Station 
Third Place: Abe Karplus, 17, Discrete-Cities 
Honorable mention: Nate Stephens, 15, Loss of a Dog
Honorable mention: Victoria M. Mazariegos, 15, You Said You'd Never Leave 
Honorable mention: Jasper T. Barnes, 14, Triceratops vs T. rex


2012 HONOREESAges 6-9 First Place: Amma Escalante, 9, The Balloon MiracleSecond Place: Armando Vasquez-Green, 9, Two Little TreesThird Place: Jennifer Leishman, 7, The Magical Unicorn & the MermaidHonorable Mention: Johann Brooks, 8, Gone, and Sara Laurent, 9, Lost in MusicAges 10-13First Place: Kahlo Smith, 11, Drop of SunshineSecond Place: Zara Brandt, 10, Tiny Book of PoemsThird Place: Sam Kawatsure, Cian Murray, Griffin Crossman & Owen McKeon, 10 & 11, UnitedHonorable Mention: Jasper Barnes, 13, Steve the Pterosaur, and Ruby Bracher, 12, Something’s Wrong with the FarmerAges 14-17First Place: Christina Mills, 15, Le FantomeSecond Place: Chloe Tsudama, 17, Destinations Third Place: Per Wessels, 17, The Case of the Kidnapped KidHonorable Mention: Rhiannon Janeschild, 14, Hope, and Daniel M., 17, The Pencil

2011 HONOREES:Ages 6–9First Place:Ada Firth, 9, The Bird Feather Series, Book1:Tertiary Second Place:Kirah Mitchel, 9, Celeste’s Adventure in the FutureThird Place:Johann Brooks, 7, The Gold Shield Honorable Mention:Isabella Hernández Lara, 8, Thunder the Chocolate Lab Learns How to FlyHonorable Mention:Zara Brandt, 9, The World of Ahleah Ages 10–13 First Place:Leif Daniel Frazer, 11, The Great Gold Rush Second Place:Laura Warfield, 13, Skywarrior Third Place:Kelly Buckler, 13, The Last Train to Dog TownHonorable Mention:Amrita Bhasin, 10, The Shreiks in the Night Honorable Mention:Mira Huang, 13, The BargainAges 14+ First Place:Max Lopez, 17, Shooting the Tiger Second Place:Tess Dunn, 16, My Mom, the CookThird Place:Alice Koltchev, 13, The Town With No Internet Honorable Mention:Zach Bamberger, 15, If the Walls Could TalkHonorable Mention:Melissa Dittrich, 17, The Pink Dress


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