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by Daniel Silva
First Edition, First Printing, Specially Bound

We now have signed editions of The Black Widow available! 

Gabriel Allon, the art restorer, spy, and assassin described as the most compelling fictional creation "since Ian Fleming put down his martini and invented James Bond" (Rocky Mountain News), is poised to become the chief of Israel's secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation. ISIS has detonated a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and a desperate French government wants Gabriel to eliminate the man responsible before he can strike again.


by Calvin Trillin
First Edition, First Priniting, Tip-In

We now have signed editions of Jackson, 1964 available! 

In the early sixties, Calvin Trillin got his start as a journalist covering the Civil Rights Movement in the South. Over the next five decades of reporting, he often returned to scenes of racial tension. Now, for the first time, the best of Trillin's pieces on race in America have been collected in one volume. 


by Zora O'Neill
First Edition, First Priniting, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of All Strangers are Kin available! 

Be careful, our professor advised, in the first moment of outright humor in class, that you don t ask a waiter, Excuse me, where is the pigeon? or, conversely, order a roasted toilet. If you ve ever studied a foreign language, you know what happens when you first truly and clearly communicate with another person. As Zora O Neill recalls, you feel like "a magician." If that foreign language is Arabic, you just might feel like a wizard. They say that Arabic takes seven years to learn and a lifetime to master. O Neill had put in her time. 


by Eric Hoffman, Corey R. Tabor (Illustrator)
First Edition, First Priniting, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of A Dark, Dark Cave available! 

Eric Hoffman is the author of Oppen: A Narrative, a biography of poet George Oppen, and eleven collections of poetry, including BY THE HOURS, THE AMERICAN EYE, and LIFE AT BRAINTREE, all published by Dos Madres Press. Together with Dominick Grace, he has edited three volumes of the University Press of Mississippi's Conversations with Comic Artists series, Dave Sim: Conversations, Chester Brown: Conversations, and Seth: Conversations. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Robin and son Sailor.


by Viet Thanh Nguyen
First Edition, First Priniting, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of Nothing Ever Dies available! 

From a kaleidoscope of cultural forms novels, memoirs, cemeteries, monuments, films, photography, museum exhibits, video games, souvenirs, and more "Nothing Ever Dies "brings a comprehensive vision of the war into sharp focus. At stake are ethical questions about how the war should be remembered by participants that include not only Americans and Vietnamese but also Laotians, Cambodians, South Koreans, and Southeast Asian Americans. Too often, memorials valorize the experience of one's own people above all else, honoring their sacrifices while demonizing the enemy or, most often, ignoring combatants and civilians on the other side altogether. Visiting sites across the United States, Southeast Asia, and Korea, Viet Thanh Nguyen provides penetrating interpretations of the way memories of the war help to enable future wars or struggle to prevent them.


by Thad Carhart
First Edition, First Priniting, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of Finding Fontainebleau available! 

For a young American boy in the 1950s, Fontainebleau was a sight both strange and majestic, home to a continual series of adventures: a different language to learn, weekend visits to nearby Paris, family road trips to Spain and Italy. Then there was the chateau itself: a sprawling palace once the residence of kings, its grounds the perfect place to play hide-and-seek. The curiosities of the small town and the time with his family as expats left such an impression on him that thirty years later Carhart returned to France with his wife to raise their two children. Touring Fontainebleau again as an adult, he began to appreciate its influence on French style, taste, art, and architecture. Each trip to Fontainebleau introduces him to entirely new aspects of the chateau's history, enriching his memories and leading him to Patrick Ponsot, the head of the chateau's restoration, who becomes Carhart's guide to the hidden Fontainebleau. 


by Matt Gallagher
First Edition, Second Printing, Signed in the Store

We now have signed editions of Youngblood available! 

The US military is preparing to withdraw from Iraq, and newly-minted lieutenant Jack Porter struggles to accept how it's happening through alliances with warlords who have Arab and American blood on their hands. Day after day, Jack tries to assert his leadership in the sweltering, dreary atmosphere of Ashuriyah. But his world is disrupted by the arrival of veteran Sergeant Daniel Chambers, whose aggressive style threatens to undermine the fragile peace that the troops have worked hard to establish. 


by Kara Platoni
First Edition, First Printing

We have autographed copies of We Have the Technology avaiable.

A fascinating tour of human capability and scientific ingenuity, We Have the Technology offers essential insights into the nature and possibilities of human experience.


by Laurie R. King

We have autographed copies of The Bones of Paris available.

New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King, beloved for her acclaimed Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, consistently writes richly detailed and thoroughly suspenseful novels that bring a distant time and place to brilliant life. Now, in this thrilling new book, King leads readers into the vibrant and sensual Paris of the Jazz Age—and reveals the darkest secrets of its denizens.


by Justin Cronin
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed editions of The City of Mirrors available! 

At long last, the wait is over! The final book in Justin Cronin’s trilogy has arrived, concluding the saga that began with The Passage. Revisiting characters you don’t expect, answering lingering questions (like what happened to the rest of the world), and catching up with our battered, stubborn band of heroes, The City of Mirrors will surprise you at every turn as it races to the final showdown that will decide the fate of humanity.

— Flannery




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