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by Felicia Day
First Edition, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) available! 

When Felicia Day was a girl, all she wanted was to connect with other kids (desperately). Growing up in the Deep South, where she was "home-schooled for hippie reasons," she looked online to find her tribe. The internet was in its infancy and she became an early adopter at every stage of its growth--finding joy and unlikely friendships in the emerging digital world. Her relative isolation meant that she could pursue passions like gaming, calculus, and 1930's detective novels without shame. Because she had no idea how "uncool" she really was. 

I have been admiring the heck out of Felicia Day for years, ever since I first saw "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and then "The Guild." I've been in awe of how she just took something she loved (computer games, World of Warcraft in particular) and just went with it. And now there's this great book that tells the story of a (this word is applied to her so often that I almost hate to use it) quirky, talented little girl who grew up to be a quirky, talented, and extremely hard-working woman who with partners Kim Evey and Sheri Bryant built the internet production company Geek and Sundry. Day tells stories about what it takes for a shy but driven person to develop successful creative ventures, and is open about the cost of success in terms of mental health and even personal safety . Reading the book is like listening to stories told across a table at that little diner down the street. The coffee is steaming, the waitress has just served up the pancakes, and it's time to talk. (It turns out pancakes are critical to the creative process. Who knew?) Dig in!

— Cat


by Louise Penny
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed editions of The Nature of the Beast availabe! 

Hardly a day goes by when nine year old Laurent Lepage doesn't cry wolf. From alien invasions, to walking trees, to winged beasts in the woods, to dinosaurs spotted in the village of Three Pines, his tales are so extraordinary no one can possibly believe him. Including Armand and Reine-Marie Gamache, who now live in the little Quebec village. But when the boy disappears, the villagers are faced with the possibility that one of his tall tales might have been true. Armand Gamache, the former head of homicide for the Surete du Quebec, must face the possibility that, in not believing the boy, he himself played a terrible part in what happens next.


by Sue Grafton
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed editions of X available! 

Sue Grafton's X Perhaps her darkest and most chilling novel, it features a remorseless serial killer who leaves no trace of his crimes. Once again breaking the rules and establishing new paths, Grafton wastes little time identifying this sociopath. The test is whether Kinsey can prove her case against him before she becomes his next victim.


by Christopher Moore
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed editions of Secondhand Souls available! 

Christopher Moore plunges you back into the modern-day troubles of a rag-tag bunch of reluctant death merchants in San Francisco, threatened by the return of terrifying and disgusting evil, and bonus entertainment from the adorable, foul-mouthed Big Death Sophie. Whether you’re just after the next part of a story begun in A Dirty Job, or are addicted to Moore’s trademark quirky prose and irrepressibly irreverent world view, Secondhand Souls is here for you.

— Jocelyn


by Julianne Burton-Carvajal Ph.D., Pat Hathaway (Illustrator)
First Edition, Signed in Store

We now have signed editions of Artists' Honeymoon

Featuring 160 recently rediscovered century-old photographs, this four-part book includes a facsimile honeymoon album, a full-color portfolio of paintings, and a revealing background essay on artist Rowena Meeks Abdy, her husband author Harry Bennett Abdy, and friends including Armin Hansen–foremost painter of the Monterey region. Echoing the Arts & Crafts movement, the book’s design reflects the taste and ethos of early 20th century California.


by Jim Shepard
First Edition, Tip-in

We now have signed editions of The Book of Aron!

The Warsaw Ghetto during the darkest days of World War II is the setting of this important, heartbreaking but also inspiring new novel from National Book Award nominee Shepard. Told from the perspective of Aron, a Jewish boy in the ghetto, it is the study of the sadistic and systematic deprivation and dehumanization of a people. Forced with his family from the countryside into the ghetto, where he joins a band of hardy young smugglers, Aron eventually loses his entire clan to typhus, malnutrition, and forced labor and ends up in an orphanage in the ghetto run by Janusz Korczak, an important historical figure from this period. Korczak was a well-known advocate for children's rights before the war and became famous for the orphanage he ran in the ghetto, and the author brings this heroic figure powerfully to life. Shepard also skillfully depicts the blighted human and moral landscape within the ghetto, where normal understandings of right and wrong have become impossibly compromised under the pressure of extermination. Surrounded by devastation, hopelessness, and cruelty, Korczak becomes an exemplar of all that is good and decent in the human spirit. Few will be able to read the last terrible, inspiring pages without tears in their eyes. --Library Journal


by Ann Packer

We have signed copies of The Children's Crusade available.

Bill Blair finds the land by accident, three wooded acres in a rustic community south of San Francisco. The year is 1954, long before anyone will call this area Silicon Valley ... Bill buys the property on a whim. In Penny Greenway he finds a suitable wife, a woman whose yearning attitude toward life seems compelling and answerable, and they marry and have four children. Yet Penny is a mercurial housewife, at a time when women chafed at the conventions imposed on them. She finds salvation in art, but the cost is high. Thirty years later, the three oldest Blair children ... are disrupted by the return of the youngest, whose sudden presence and all-too-familiar troubles force a reckoning with who they are, separately and together, and set off a struggle over the family's future.


by Karen Joy Fowler
First Edition (Newly Reprinted), Signed in Store

We now have signed copies of Black Glass available!

A master storyteller, both in the short story form and in her novels, Karen Joy Fowler writes with an eye that sees a bit more out of its corner and does not blink when confronted with truths, beautiful and wretched. Diverse in her interest and scope, her writing is curious, fluid, and haunting. Black Glass is a collection of her early short stories, and they are a wonder.

— Melinda, Head Book Buyer

With every new book, it seems, Karen Joy Fowler's creative brilliance and mastery of language shines brighter, hits harder, and enchants deeper. This collection of stories, both mystical and astute, defies categorization--fairytales retold, parables made modern, dark and sinister legends confounded--but is strung together by the reverberations of reflecting on childhood, parenthood, innocence lost or preserved. Every story is a shining gem and an overpowering riptide. Prepare to be completely swept up by Fowler's magic, wisdom, and wit.

— Julia


by C.J. Box
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We have signed copies of Badlands available!

Twenty miles across the North Dakota border, where the scenery goes from rolling grass prairie to pipeline fields, detective Cassie Dewell has been assigned as the new deputy sheriff of Grimstad-a place people used to be from, but were never headed to. Grimstad is now the oil capital of North Dakota. With oil comes money, with money comes drugs, and with drugs come the dirtiest criminals hustling to corner the market.



by J. Ryan Stradal
first edition, first printing, tip-in

We have signed copies of Kitchens of the Great Midwest available!

How refreshing to find a novel that is truly new and original. The story of Eva Thorvald, the famous and famously private chef, is told through a quirky, honest, endearing cast of characters who come into or sidle next to her life at different times. From their vantage points, we experience not only the particularity of her culinary prowess, but also a full tapestry of life in the Midwest. Joyfully crafted, funny and heartfelt, Stradal's debut novel is a pleasure to read.

— Melinda, Head Book Buyer




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