The Last Temptation of Lincoln--SIGNED BY AUTHOR

Wallace Baine
SKU: A781576351031

The Last Temptation of Lincoln is a collection of inventive and visionary stories starring some of the most iconic figures in history, from Abraham Lincoln to Benjamin Franklin to Oscar Wilde. These stories insert a sense of magical realism into the historical record to challenge many of the fundamental narratives of history with irony and humor.

What if the “Declaration of Independence” were written not by Thomas Jefferson but by a brilliant and precocious teenage orphan girl? What if a paranoid President Richard Nixon ordered a secret trip to the moon to pick up the American flag that Apollo 11 had accidentally toppled as it left the moon’s surface? What would an American colonist tell his neighbors if he were vaulted into the 21st century and then back again to his own village? Implicit in these entertaining “TwiStories” are new ways of looking at our shared past, and of laughing at the myths we still cling to today.

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