Local History Night with Peggy Conaway, David Glass, Irene Reti, & Lisa Robinson

Monday, August 20, 2012 - 7:00pm

Did you know that the first power saw mill in California had its origin in the Santa Cruz Mountains? How in the early days the lumber was hauled from the mills down a steep and dangerous trail known as Graham’s Grade (sound familiar for those of you that drive Graham Hill Road?) Or what about the fact that before Jack O’Neill helped develop the wetsuit, surfers used to go into the chilly Pacific donning heavy woolen sweaters? Then there’s the funny tidbit that the one and only public phone booth in 1940’s Aptos, was known for its breath-taking view…Come learn more about the history of Santa Cruz and its surrounding regions by joining us for local history night. We’ll be welcoming local authors Peggy Conaway, David Glass, Irene Reti, and Lisa Robinson, as they participate in a panel event, each discussing their various titles that delve into our local history and lore.

Peggy Conaway
Peggy Conaway, retired director of Los Gatos Public Library, is the author of two books in the Arcadia series “Images of America” - Los Gatos (2004) and Los Gatos Generations (2007). She is co-author of Railroads of Los Gatos (2006). She writes a weekly history column for the Los Gatos Weekly Times.
Learn More at  www.historylosgatos.org

Los Gatos
Nestled in the heart of a dramatic natural amphitheater formed by the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos serves as the gateway from the Santa Clara Valley to the Pacific Ocean. This happy accident of location allowed historic Los Gatos to witness a colorful parade of swashbuckling explorers, Franciscan padres, and hearty American pioneers, many of whom came to harvest virgin redwood forests from the mountains and grow fruit in exceptionally fertile soil.

Dave Glass
Dave Glass is a Santa Cruz/Aptos native whose family has been in S C County for eight generations. He now lives in Lodi, as close to Santa Cruz as his finances will permit, but he returns frequently to visit relatives and friends. His previous writing career has been in the dull academic and professional genres. Even his own wife has not yet read his doctoral dissertation, so now in semiretirement he enjoys writing fun things people may actually read.

Aptos Was Idyllic
A funny, often whimsical, biography that details slices of life as experienced by kids and young adolescents, but is also a guide to present Santa Cruz County residents and visitors to some of the history of the area, and a comparison to the present day which gives good reference points to how Aptos developed from a small, semi-rural community to become the relatively upscale residential area and tourist destination of today.

Irene Reti
Oral historian, writer, and photographer Irene Reti is the director of the Regional History Project at the UC Santa Cruz library, which has been documenting the cultural, environmental, and agricultural history of the Central Coast of California since 1963 through oral history interviews. Many of the Project's oral histories are edited and published in illustrated paperback editions.
Learn more at http://library.ucsc.edu/regional-history-project

Ocean Odysseys: Jack O'Neill, Dan Haifley, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
This book tells an inspiring story of environmental heroism and imagination through two interconnected oral histories conducted by the UC Santa Cruz Library’s Regional History Project

Lisa Robinson
Lisa Robinson, a resident of Boulder Creek for over 20 years, is the President of the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Historical Society which owns and operates the San Lorenzo Valley Museum, where she wears many hats including the Volunteer Collections Manager. She works part-time as the Collections Manager at the Los Altos History Museum, is a member of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Landmark Committee, and is the editor for the MAH’s upcoming History Journal No. 7.
Learn more at www.slvmuseum.com

The San Lorenzo Valley
From its days as a remote and isolated town during the Mission period, to the days of lime kilns and logging operation and the subsequent conservation movement that resulted in the founding of California's first state park at Big Basin, Lisa Robinson tells the story of the beautiful and wondrous San Lorenzo Valley.


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