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A memoir refusing to take itself seriously, running from irreverent to poignant to truly necessary; a biography for our current society of web addicts that no one yet understands. Felicia Day’s story is in fact unique and inspiring, while being wholly entertaining. But she also gives us crucial insight to the rewards and dangers of the still wild territory of “the Internet.” It’s not going away—but neither is she. Or her cat pictures. Luckily.  --Jocelyn

By Felicia Day, Joss Whedon (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781476785653
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Published: Touchstone Books - August 11th, 2015

I’ll admit I picked up this book more for Ginsberg than for O’Connor, but reading about the similarities and differences in their paths to the Supreme Court and their experiences thereafter was fascinating. I learned a lot about the incredible battles they fought for women’s equality, about the way the Supreme Court functions, and about these two culturally transformative Justices. It’s accessible and entertaining, and should be widely read.  --Nici

ISBN: 9780062238467
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Published: Harper - September 2015

Do you love history, the Civil War, or just stories about kickass ladies? This book has all that and more! Well-researched and full of detailed stories, Karen Abbot focuses on four women and their experiences and contributions during this chaotic time, such as Emma Emonds’ undercover life as a man in the Union army.  --Rachel

ISBN: 9780062092908
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Published: Harper Perennial - September 8th, 2015

Avenue Foch is one of the most exclusive streets in Paris, but in WWII, it housed German officers, spies, collaborators, and one family who dared to resist. An American doctor and his wife risked their lives helping the French Resistance while living doors down from the SS. Opening on the Nazi invasion, this book brims with action, intrigue, and bravery. Gripping and tense, it's the best kind of spy thriller—the true kind.  --Flannery

ISBN: 9780804140034
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Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - August 4th, 2015

Deep Down Dark is the gripping account of thirty-three Chilean miners who were trapped beneath thousands of feet of rock for over two months, then dramatically freed. Héctor Tobar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and UCSC alumnus, received exclusive access to the miners and their tales and has written what Ann Patchett describes as, “The best book I’ve read all year…Riveting…A masterpiece of compassion.”

ISBN: 9781250074850
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Published: Picador USA - September 1st, 2015

Profoundly moving and emotionally challenging, Between the World and Me is an incredible read. Coates writes lyrical, beautiful passages that break your heart and shake your faith. The book is an intimate look into the vast failure of America in dealing with the construct of "race," our failure to acknowledge (let alone attempt to redress) the legacy of slavery and segregation, and our failure to protect and support our citizens. But Between the World and Me is also a tender and touching look at how to be a parent--an imperfect being in an imperfect world--trying to prepare your child for both the best and the worst possibilities.  -Nici

ISBN: 9780812993547
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Published: Spiegel & Grau - July 14th, 2015

When the Lusitania sank near Ireland, it took 1,200 dead souls with it. The disaster pulled America into an already roiling World War I, shifting history's course in its wake. His lush backgrounds create the illusion of standing on the doomed deck or looking over Churchill's shoulder. He paints rich characters and keeps you in suspense until the bitter end.
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ISBN: 9780307408860
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Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - March 10th, 2015

In Colorado in 1998, three not-very-bright anti-government extremists armed to the teeth stole a water truck, executed a deputy sheriff, and then escaped into the harsh desert back-country of the four corners region. Following years of research and interviews, the author pieces together the story of the killers, their victims, and one of the largest and longest manhunts in American history.
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ISBN: 9781250042699
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Published: St. Martin's Griffin - March 25th, 2014

An unflinching account of the kidnapping and imprisonment of these young women, held for a decade by a madman, Enduring unimaginable physical and psychological torture, they outlasted their tormentor and escaped to freedom. This is not a whitewashed version of their story. It is clear-eyed and deep.
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ISBN: 9780525427650
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Published: Viking - April 27th, 2015

This is one of the most terrifying books I have ever read. Meticulously investigated and documented, Wright exposes the history of L. Ron Hubbard and the early days of Scientology up through the activity of modern day church. I found it endlessly fascinating, even as it horrified me - but don’t let the horror put you off. I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough.

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ISBN: 9780307745309
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Published: Vintage Books - November 5th, 2013



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