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Locally and Independently Published Works


A Selection of Recently Published Works from Santa Cruz Authors

ISBN-13: 9781607743972
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Published: Ten Speed Press, 10/2013

The long-awaited cookbook by one of the San Francisco Bay Area's star chefs, David Kinch, who has revolutionized restaurant culture with his take on the farm-to-table ethic and focus on the terroir of the Northern California coast. 

Since opening Manresa in Los Gatos in 2002, Kinch has done more to create a sense of place through his food—specifically where the Santa Cruz Mountains meet the sea—than any other chef on the West Coast.

The restaurant’s thought-provoking dishes and unconventional pairings draw on techniques b...more

ISBN-13: 9780374182212
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 10/2013

A great American writer’s confrontation with a great European critic—a personal and intellectual awakening

A hundred years ago, the Viennese satirist Karl Kraus was among the most penetrating and farsighted writers in Europe. In his self-published magazine, Die Fackel, Kraus brilliantly attacked the popular media’s manipulation of reality, the dehumanizing machinery of technology and consumer capitalism, and the jingoistic rhetoric of a fading empire. But even though he had a fervent following, which included Franz Kafka and Walter Benjam...more

Santa Cruz Is In the Heart: Volume II

In what is a second volume of character portraits, stories and essays on Santa Cruz County history and culture, fourth-generation Santa Cruz writer Geoffrey Dunn captures the spirit of this diverse community with a fierce, albeit, endearing passion. He has the unique capacity of breathing life into his historical portraits and placing his contemporary pieces in an illuminating context. This second collection of his writings is truly a community treasure.

About the author: Award-winning author and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn has written about Santa Cruz County and its history for 40 years. The recipient of more than two-dozen journalism and film awards throughout his career, he was recently honored with a Gail Rich Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce.


ISBN-13: 9780230342194
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Palgrave Macmillan, 7/2013

What happens when work is no longer a place but a state of mind: when the trappings that have defined the economy as we knew it are stripped away and we start from the bare essence of what it means to make a living? From corner coffee shops to Fortune 500 companies, workers from all different backgrounds are creating a new reality and prosperity. The Rise of the Naked Economy shows readers how to achieve both personal and professional success in an economy that does not guarantee lifetime employment. Pioneers Coonerty and Neuner report from the front lines ...more

ISBN-13: 9780399162091
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Published: A Marian Wood Book/Putnam, 5/2013

Named a Best of 2013 pick by: The New York Times Book Review, Slate, Newsday, Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, The Christian Science Monitor, Library Journal, and BookPage

"I thought this was a gripping, big-hearted book . . . through the tender voice of her protagonist, Fowler has a lot to say about family, memory, language, science, and indeed the question of what constitutes a human being."--Khaled Hosseini

From the New York Times–bestselling author of The Jane Austen B...more

ISBN-13: 9781620453728
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Turner Publishing Company, 9/2013
In this era of information overload and real-time communication where anyone can publish and broadcast to millions of people with the click of a button, there is no shortage of people talking about the need to get their message across, or having a "narrative." But for business, marketing, and political campaigns, there is no definitive how-to on crafting a compelling narrative that achieves lasting results. And without a narrative, no amount of framing, complex messaging, or facts will succeed.
"On Message" solves that problem, illustrating how effective communicators understand the power ...more

ISBN-13: 9780345531766
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Bantam, 9/2013


New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King, beloved for her acclaimed Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, consistently writes richly detailed and thoroughly suspenseful novels that bring a distant time and place to brilliant life. Now, in this thrilling new book, King leads readers into the vibrant and sensual Paris of the Jazz Age—and reveals the darkest secrets of its denizens.
Paris, France: September 1929. For Harris Stuyvesant, the assignment is a private...more

Furious (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780805082838
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), 4/2013

We were only three angry high school girls, to begin with. Alix, the hot-tempered surfer chick; Stephanie, the tree-hugging activist; and me, Meg, the quiet foster kid, the one who never quite fit in. We hardly knew each other, but each of us nurtured a burning anger: at the jerks in our class, at our disappointing parents, at the whole flawed, unjust world.

We were only three angry girls, simmering uselessly in our ocean-side California town, until one day a mysterious, beautiful classmate named Ambrosia taught us what else we could be: Powerful. Deadly. Furious.

Yes, th...more

The Matchbox Diary (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780763646011
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick, 3/2013

Newbery Medalist Paul Fleischman and Bagram Ibatoulline tell a breathtaking immigration tale with appeal across generations.

"Pick whatever you like most. Then I’ll tell you its story."
When a little girl visits her great-grandfather at his curio-filled home, she chooses an unusual object to learn about: an old cigar box. What she finds inside surprises her: a collection of matchboxes making up her great-grandfather’s diary, harboring objects she can hold in her hand, each one evoking a memory. Together they tell of his journey from Italy to a new ...more

ISBN-13: 9780615693705
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Palanquin Press/ Community Publishing, 3/2013
An uplifting, compelling new book of poems by Patrice Vecchione celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary....more

The Cruz by Kirby Scudder

Santa Cruz, California, 2003 - 2013. A Northern California Coastal Community that became one of the NAtion's important creative meccas. A look at the people who that happen and why.

"Since 2006, my guests on KUSP Public Radio's 'Art Studio' have expounded on the arts and culture in Santa Cruz. Here s what some of them have said." --Kirby Scudder


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