Self-Publishing with the Espresso Book Machine

A bookstore exists to help readers connect with the books they want. With our Espresso Book Machine (EBM), we're eager to help authors connect their works with others. This is your opportunity to turn your novel, poetry, memoir, journal, family history, or even your collection of family recipes, into actual, beautiful, readable objects. The EBM will transform your work into a paperback book complete with a full color cover and a black and white interior, indistinguishable from books produced by traditional publishers.

Advantages of self-publishing at Bookshop Santa Cruz:
  1. No minimum print runs: you can print as many or as few copies as you want, when you want.
  2. Expert help through the process: guidance including graphic design, editing, and more.
  3. EspressNet connection: inclusion of your book on all EBM machines worldwide. Should you elect to sell your work over EspressNet, all sales are tracked and payment flows back to you, the author.
  4. Easy to make revisions: you can print a work in progress, upload revised files, and print new versions at any time.
  5. Support our local economy: printing locally keeps jobs and dollars in our area.
  6. Showcase your work at Bookshop Santa Cruz: our consignment program helps locally & self-published authors to promote and market their books.

Submission Guidelines 

Set up an appointment with Bookshop's EBM consultant. Contact or 831-460-3258 for more information, including help with all aspects of book publishing such as design, copy editing, ISBN codes, and more. For the most productive EBM experience, please click on the links below where you'll learn how best to set up your files in order to achieve the highest quality printing, as well as how to properly format your document for an EBM book. Pricing info will be available shortly.

Other Services:
All titles are subject to availability. Prices subject to change. Please call 831-423-0900 to confirm.
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